Most Useful Features of Instagram

Instagram is the platform that got the high potential fame in the short time over the internet. Instagram is the sub product of Facebook but still it has a huge number of communities. I guess it has more community than facebook. If you ever noticed the engagement ratio on Instagram is more than facebook just because people love to be active on Instagram rather than facebook or other social media platforms. I am not saying facebook is useless social media. It is a more powerful app, and first ever social media app. Let’s talk about the some amazing features of Instagram

1. Live Video

Live video is my most favorite feature, because of this feature you can go live with your audience. It is the best way to create the interaction with the followers and could answer their questions. Live video is the best way for increasing the engagement and followers on the profile.

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So ultimately you are gaining more more likes on Instagram with more audience. You can use this feature for Q&A sessions, for tutorials or reviews.

2. Instagram Story

If you are a regular user of Instagram then you should be familiar with this feature of Instagram. The small circles with the profile pictures on the top of Instagram home page are actually instagram stories. You usually find the instagram stories to whom you have followed. This feature is mostly used on Instagram because it is very user friendly and people love to watch the stories of the people, as I do. Usually people use this feature for sharing their daily life activities, and sharing the quotes with the other people.

3. Instagram TV

Maybe you are familiar with the name IGTV. Actually this feature was recently launched on Instagram. If you are an old user of Instagram then you should know you can just watch the video 1 minute on feeds and 15 seconds on Instagram story. But on IG TV you can watch the video of maximum length. When this feature launched people love to watch this, because they don’t need to go on other platforms for watching the big videos, they can watch on Instagram TV. Even some videos if you can’t find them on other platforms you can find on IGTV. You just need to do a little bit of searching and then you can find it easily. This is why this feature is getting famous day by day.

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