Must-have Technologies for Startups

Must-have Technologies for Startups

When you’re starting your business, you should focus on many aspects besides planning, budgeting, and marketing; it would also be essential to have the technologies your business needs to succeed. These tools are necessary to ensure smoother interactions and transactions with your customers, which could help you increase your brand awareness by reaching more people, which eventually boosts your sales.

It would help if you spent time choosing the best technologies depending on your business needs because the right ones could help you organize your business more efficiently. Sometimes, it might be confusing as there are many to choose from, like tech tools for virtual MasterCard and the customer relationship management system. They are also not cheap, so you would want to take your time to decide which ones you need.

Necessary Technologies For New Businesses

The digital makeover of businesses has already made major changes in the business world. So much so that whatever stage of the company you are in — whether you’re conceptualizing its brand or you’ve already started operations — these tools would help you run your business better. Here are some that you should consider working alongside you and your workforce:

  • Cloud Storage

Storing your business’s records and finances and some customers’ information is essential to run a business more efficiently. It might not be a huge challenge to do it when your business is still new, but once it starts to pick up, you might be overwhelmed with too much information that you need to keep records of. What’s worse is that you could also lose them if your computer crashes. The reason behind having online data storage is that it can keep your data safe and accessible no matter what happens.

Cloud storage allows users to store data in virtual storage that is accessible through remote networks. The best cloud storages include Google Drive, Nextcloud, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, MEGA, iCloud, SpiderOak, and more. These tools would also allow you to create a free storage account with a space between 2GB to 15GB. Once your business has grown bigger and you need more space, you could also opt to set up a premium account, which doesn’t really cost that much considering how much of a big help it can be. Having in-house storage could be helpful, but using online storage as a backup would be better.

  • Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants or digital assistants are software that performs basic work-related processes for your business. If you’ve ever heard of or interacted with voice assistants and chatbots, they are some examples of this tech tool. Incorporating these technologies in your business would allow your other employees to do other more complex tasks, which increases your business’s overall accessibility, quality, and productivity.

  • Project Management Software

Since the early 20th century, technologies related to project management software have already been utilized in many businesses, but it has become more popular during the last decade. These tools allow you to remotely organize your team’s project and tasks more efficiently, which is vital even for a small business as you want to keep track of your workflow better.

The most widely-used project management software are Trello, Hive, Basecamp, Nifty, Wrike, Smartsheet, Workfront, Asana, and more. When you have one of these tools, it will allow you to manage your team’s workload and meet your project’s goals faster and smoother.

  • Financial Management Software

Of course, an essential aspect of your business is its finances. Whether it’s the costs or revenue, you would want to properly keep a detailed record of everything related to money matters. If you invest in software meant to manage your accounting, it will help you and your accountant monitor your business’ finances, which allows you to make any changes if necessary.

  • Cybersecurity Tool

Even if you’re only starting your business, it could still become a victim of hackers and cybersecurity threats that would be massive damage to fix. So, to prevent any kinds of threats, you should consider setting up software meant to protect your company’s essential information, data, records, and finances. These would protect your network from any hackers, viruses, identity theft, and other forms of malicious attacks.

Modernize Your Business

These technologies have the capacity to build your business towards the goal you want it to achieve while making the manual processes more straightforward, faster, and more efficient. These tech tools will likely suit your business needs, so give your business the digital transformation it needs and watch it take off.

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