New Generation: The Upcoming GPUs This 2022

New Generation

It seems that every year we are furthering our reach towards ultra-realistic graphics in gaming. Our GPUs continue to improve in performance and efficiency. This year will be no different, with new releases of GPUs surpassing those that came before.

NVIDIA is the powerhouse to look out for for many gamers, especially when it’s planning to upscale its high-end GPU performance. Here’s what we know about the rumored RTX 4000 series.

NVIDIA’s Rumored RTX 4000

After the successful release of the powerhouse that was RTX 3060, NVIDIA plans to release a much more powerful generation of video cards that can surpass that. We only have rumors about what the RTX 4000 line will be, but we are sure that it will be decisive.

First of all, let’s discuss what the RTX 3060 Ti can already do. It can already play games in 1080p without any stutter or screen tearing, and it has advanced ray tracing options that makes games look ultra-realistic (this is a word we’ve made just for this GPU). It also looks aesthetically pleasing compared to the other GPUs in its line, which look pretty bulky. However, it still struggles with 4k performance.

The next in line after this and probably the most powerful GPU that anyone can afford is the RTX 2080 Super. Unlike the RTX 3060, it can play games in 4K without performance issues, but it’s costly, clocking at about $1,500 on online retailers. So what can we expect from the RTX 4000 series?

Well, we already know of the RTX 3090 that’s in development from NVIDIA, but we’re not exactly sure whether this is the new generation of GPUs we are likely to expect this year. At least we can use it to benchmark what the RTX 4000 series might be.

So, first of all, the RTX 3090 is rumored to have 24GB of GDDR6X memory. That’s already beyond what the RTX 2080 Super has in its hardware. Moreover, this powerhouse of a video card has a staggering 78 ray tracing cores. It’s perceived to be the best GPU of this generation if it’s not released as part of the next generation of GPUs. Hopefully, it won’t be too expensive.


We have more determined predictions for AMD’s upcoming RDNA 3 GPU series. We are predicting that the RDNA 3 might be AMD’s flagship when it comes to high-end GPUs, and everyone knows that it’s high time that they enter this market. With this in mind, we should be expecting a GPU that can play any game in 4K without any performance issues. It should also have more or less the same memory as the RTX 3090. Where the RDNA 3 differs is in its creation.

From what we know, the RDNA 3 will be using designs that we haven’t seen in the computer industry yet. It’s expected to utilize the 5nm fabrication process from TSMC, which is expected to have a 50% leap in performance from the older RDNA 2. It’s also rumored to have a Navi 3 chipset design, another design we haven’t encountered in the industry. But we know that it’s a good chipset design because the Ryzen processors utilize it.

Predicted Release Date

The predicted release date of these GPUs is still unknown, with some stating it could be during the middle of this year, around June or July. But the most conservative time is around the holiday season of this year, with the earliest being in October. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, it’s beneficial for both companies to release their most expensive products when people can afford them and purchase them as gifts. Another reason is that these GPUs might still require some time in the oven, considering the high expectations we have from them. Lastly, it only makes sense to release it on those dates if they are indeed releasing it this year.

RTX 3000 for Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptop enthusiasts rejoice, for the RTX 3000 series is coming out early this year, giving you access to some of the best upgrades and laptops this year. This series will give you the best experience for your gaming laptop, with enhanced ray-tracing graphics and amazing features like NVIDIA DLSS.

It’s a great choice if you like to tweak your graphical and performance options separately. Furthermore, it can affect your laptop’s overall performance, making it a lot more efficient in doing hard tasks such as animations and video editing. It’s a must-have for gaming and any laptops that require doing some extensive work.

Where to Buy Them?

You might think that the best option to purchase these new generations of GPUs is in your local computer retail. However, because of the current GPU shortage, you might have to buy these new GPUs in custom PC building websites. These websites should get a decent amount of supply from international suppliers. Furthermore, they should also be a lot cheaper than those in retail stores.

That’s everything we know about the upcoming GPUs this year. Some budget GPUs are coming out as well, alongside new processors. 2022 is looking like the best year for gaming, and hopefully, it stays that way.

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