New Immigration Laws of 2021

New Immigration Laws of 2021

Did you know over one million immigrants are legally admitted to the United States every year? With US immigration laws changing every year, each case is different and difficult to navigate.

Furthermore, it can be complicated to keep track of immigration laws. Not only are they ever-changing, but they are complex and tough to understand.

Immigration is a hot-button issue and the cause of many debates and legislation. If you’re wondering how things have changed this year, read on. In this article, we’ll be discussing the new immigration laws in 2021.

Keep Families Together

One of the major goals of the US Citizenship Act of 2021 is to reform family immigration systems. The goals are to clear backlogs and eliminate wait times and visa caps.

This bill aims to ban the three and ten-year bars. The three and ten-year bars were part of an act enacted in 1995, with the aim to bar immigrants who overstay their visas or enter unlawfully. Following an illegal overstay or entry, individuals were banned from the US for three to ten years.

These bans kept families apart, so by eliminating them it’s hoped that families can reunite. Also, the bill protects orphans, widows, and children. It also allows families with approved sponsorships to stay with their families in the US while they wait for their green cards.

Grow the Economy

Also in the US Citizenship bill is a clearing of work visa backlogs and eliminates unused visas. This shortens wait times and eliminates visa caps.

This makes it much easier for graduates of US universities to stay in the US, and for other workers to apply for green cards.

Seek Inclusivity

In new immigration laws, the term “alien” is being replaced with “noncitizen.” The goal is to use more inclusive language, to make the immigration process more accessible, and encourage communication.

In response to prior targeted bans, this bill also includes the “No Ban Act.” The No Ban Act limits the president’s ability to issue sweeping bans and prohibits discrimination based on country or religion.

To stimulate diversity, the bill also allows 80,000 diversity visas, as compared to the previous count of 55,000.

Permanent partnerships are also supported, which will eliminate discrimination against LGBT+ families.

Support the Vulnerable 

For those seeking asylum, or other members of vulnerable populations, this bill will get rid of the one-year deadline for filing claims. Also, it will clear the asylum application backlogs by increasing processing funding.

This support also extends to foreign nationals who have been helping US troops.

Making Sense of the New Immigration Laws

Unless you’re constantly checking in with the National Immigration Law Center, it’s very difficult to stay abreast of immigration laws as they crop up.

By contacting an immigration law firm, you can get in touch with immigration lawyers who are required by their profession to stay up to date on immigration law and can guide you through your legal needs.

Contact a Lawyer for Your Immigration Needs

Hopefully, this article will have given you a good overview of some of the new immigration laws enacted this year. There are many more bills, and many more provisions out there, so don’t forget to contact a lawyer for your specific needs.

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