Offbeat Career Choices For The Millennial Youths

masters degree in biblical studies

There was a time when traditional professions like a doctor, engineer or teacher were considered as ultimate amongst young job aspirants. But the changing world is opening up newer career options which are in sync with the individual interests and passions. Taking up a profession is all about doing something you love. In such a scenario, we have collated a list of some 21st century professions which are being picked up by the modern-day youths.


Getting a master’s degree in biblical studies can make you eligible to apply for the pastor profession. The main duty of a pastor is to perform ceremonies like weddings, baptisms and funerals. They need to have adequate leadership skills for inspiring and motivating others. The Church pastors are also expected to offer counsel with an open mind and speak to a large congregation of people. Getting a master’s degree in biblical studies can broaden the perspective of students as they get to inculcate biblical teachings while guiding those in need of help.

Animation Design

Animation is being used rapidly in every field ranging from blogs to books to advertisements and many more. The growing number of cartoon channels has added a great demand to animation design specialists. This profession can be the perfect choice for pupils carrying a creative flair.

Event Management

People are opting for event management companies for ensuring the success of parties, marriages, fests and a variety of events. This has added more impetus to the popularity of event management as a booming profession as it teaches the skills of time management, organisation and how to perform even under pressure. On completion of your degree, you can either join a firm for gaining experience or start with your own venture.

Food Chemist

This profession is ideal for people with an affinity towards food as they get to check its quality before events. A food chemist can become a chef in due course or even start giving classes.

Beautician Courses

Beauty is becoming a more inclusive topic with every passing day and salons are opening up for catering to the beauty needs of both the genders. This has also created a solid boost in the demand of beauticians who carry thorough subject knowledge for catering to skin and hair problems in depth.

Graphic Design

Graphics can relay a message across easily and this has led to its popularity amongst start-ups, media houses and similar sectors. On completion of a graphics design course, you can work as a freelancer.

Fashion Designing

As more and more people are opening up to the possibilities of fashion, greater variety can be seen in our wardrobes whether we are dressing for important events or daily affairs. Designer wear has become an absolute rage amongst brand aficionados who like splashing labels for creating a statement. Fashion designers are also demanded in the film industry for creating costumes.


Doing something you love is bound to add greater inertia in your journey towards the end goal. The best thing about choosing offbeat professions is that you get a lot of scope for exploration and even curving out a niche for yourself.

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