Pennsylvania Lemon Law: All Your Questions Answered

In Pennsylvania, Lemon law comes into effect if a vehicle defect is reported within the first 12 months. If you’re dealing with a defective vehicle, understanding the lemon law pennsylvania provisions is crucial for comprehensive insights and guidance on how to protect your consumer rights.

Vehicle buyers can also report the defect before the car travels for 12,000 miles. The goal of lemon law is to protect buyers against defective vehicles. Here are some other essential aspects you need to understand about Pennsylvania lemon law.

What Is the Cost of PA Lemon Law Claim?

Very many individuals have bought defective cars in Pennsylvania. However, most of these individuals do not report such defects. They fear the cost of the claim is likely to outweigh the cost of repairing the car.

However, lemon law protection is unique. As a plaintiff with lemon law qualifications, you’re not supposed to pay any claim cost. Your Lemon Law attorney will get paid by the car dealer if you win the case.

In most cases, plaintiffs win the case. They just need to present the necessary arguments based on Lemon Law qualifications. Therefore, you don’t have to fear the claim costs.

How Long Does It Take to Handle the Lemon Law Case?

The process of getting justice in a court always takes time. All the facts must be presented for the judges to provide a fair judgment. Every party is given sufficient details to provide their arguments in courts.

Generally, it can take as little as thirty days to solve your complaint. However, in normal circumstances, settling a lemon law argument can take up to ten months.

The availability of the judge will determine how long it will take to settle this case. Ensure you have the right lemon law lawyer who can push for a hearing within the shortest time possible.

Can You Settle Lemon Law Out of Court?

The justice system provides that conflicting parties may settle the differences out of court. This has been a common practice in most of the lemon law issues. However, not everything goes to plan.

Usually, car manufacturers or dealers may refuse to follow the law. They do not want to settle the issue, as highlighted in the law.

That is why you need to work with a law firm to help you handle the entire process. If your car dealer does not settle your claim, you need to look for a court settlement.

Do You Need to Have a New Car?

For you to qualify for Pennsylvania Lemon Law, your car needs to be new. This means that you must have leased or purchased a new vehicle. If you bought a used car, this law will not apply.

This does not mean that you cannot claim benefits if the car has aged. The law allows you to assert claims years after leasing or buying the vehicle.

There are other essential qualifications you need to consider. The most important aspect is that the car must be registered in Pennsylvania. You can buy the car in a different state and register it in PA for the law to apply.

When Should You Make Lemon Law Claim?

As highlighted above, Lemon Law applies if the defect is reported within the first twelve months. The law also provides that you can file such claims within the first twelve thousand miles. Whatever comes first will determine whether you qualify for Lemon Law claims.

However, there are other provisions that you can use. If you have tried to repair the car three times without getting a solution, Lemon Law will apply. You can also file for Lemon Law relief if the vehicle has stayed for 30 days out of service.

What about Defects Occurring After Lemon Law Period?

It is normal for defects to appear after lemon law cut off. This means that the claim period has lapsed. As such, you cannot file for lemon law relief.

However, if the car is still under warranty, you can petition your dealer to take care of the repair expenses. Most manufacturers will honor their warranty agreement and repair your car.

Not everyone will honor the warranty agreement. There are vehicle manufacturers that will claim the lemon law period has lapsed. In such situations, you need to sue for breach of warranty.

What If Your Car Has an Intermittent Defect?

There are very many Pennsylvania Lemon Law cases with recurring vehicle defects. Such vehicle defects will appear and then go. In most cases, the vehicle manufacturers will refuse to solve such defects.

Most of the dealers will highlight that they have not diagnosed any defect with your car. The law covers such scenarios. It is not your problem that the dealer is not finding defects with your vehicle.

All you need to do is to file a complaint with your dealer. They have to diagnose the defect and provide the necessary repair without any cost.

Can You Settle for Cash and Retain Your Car?

The ultimate goal of the PA Lemon Law is to protect automobile buyers. Therefore, anything that satisfies you is allowed by the law.

The law anticipates that there are very many people who already love their cars. Such individuals do not want to replace their cars, despite all the defects. Therefore, such individuals can retain such vehicles with cash settlements.

Auto manufacturers are always willing to discuss any form of settlement. Most of them will quickly approve cash settlement and allow you to retain the car. However, others will reject your proposal.

You don’t have to worry when your dealer refuses your proposal. All you need to have is the necessary lemon law qualifications. They will be forced to settle the matter in court, which is likely costly on their part.

Working With Pennsylvania Lemon Law Lawyer

Pennsylvania Lemon Law seems a simple legal issue. However, without a legal background, it is very challenging. That is why you need to work with an experienced Lemon Law lawyer who understands the nitty-gritty of this law.

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