Pep Guardiola Comment’s on UEFA Champion’s League Faulty Draw

Pep Guardiola Comments on UEFA Champions League Faulty Draw

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was asked what his thoughts were about the redrawn matches in the Round of 16 in the Champions League in his press briefing ahead of his team’s league match against Leeds United on Tuesday evening.

Guardiola’s team was initially drawn to play Villarreal at the Round of 16 of Europe’s top tournament on Monday. However, it was shortly after the draw was declared null – with a new draw scheduled to begin at 14:00 (UK time) on Monday, which was confirmed through UEFA.

In the aftermath of a mishap involving Atletico Madrid’s position in the draw, the Spanish giants made an official request with UEFA for a redraw to be held in accordance with reports that have been released after the draw was conducted. You can bet on these matches on

The pot of Atletico Madrid’s potential opponents appeared to be not containing Manchester United – despite the pot that contained the five balls, which could be five possible opponents.

It was announced shortly afterward the draw that discussions were underway within UEFA about possibilities of draw redraw and there was confirmation that the round of 16 draws would indeed be changed because of a technical issue in the software of the external provider of services.

An official statement from UEFA read: “Following a technical problem with the software of an external service provider which informs officials on which teams are eligible to play against each other. A material error was made during the draw for this year’s UEFA Champions League Round of 16.”

In a press conference in advance of his side’s Premier League clash with Leeds on Tuesday evening, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola was asked his opinion about the draw being redrawn.

The 50-year-old explained: “You want an assessment of the Champions League Round of 16 draw? It (the draw) is going to happen again. I think it’s fair,” according to a quote by Simon Bajkowski of Manchester Evening News.

“It was a mistake and these kinds of things sometimes happen. You have to repeat so there are no suspicions.”

A technical glitch caused UEFA to declare the initial Champions League last-16 draw void; Manchester United was down to play Paris Saint-Germain but will now face Atletico. The redraw also brings to PSG playing Real Madrid; Liverpool play Inter, Man City draw Sporting Lisbon, Chelsea face Lille

Redraws of the Champions League last 16 has placed Manchester United against Atletico Madrid following Ralf Rangnick’s team had drawn to play Paris Saint-Germain.

An unexpected twist of events led to the draw being declared invalid after the cause of what UEFA described as a “technical error” involving Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, and Manchester United.

The draw was redrawn just three hours later. Liverpool will now play Serie A champions Inter Milan, Chelsea drew Ligue 1 winners Lille after having drawn them in the initial draw too – and Manchester City will take on Sporting Lisbon.

United seemed to have granted the greatest reprieve following the draw with PSG in the first draw, but a clash against Atletico in European competitions from 1991 will be an extremely difficult challenge.

However, Real Madrid will perhaps be the most irritated by the mistake that they were in the draw against Benfica earlier in the day, but will now play PSG instead.

The reward for Liverpool being the first English team to beat the entirety of Champions League group games is tied with Inter which won Serie A last season and is currently at the top of the standings with 17 wins.

It was a bit of deja vu for the defending champions Chelsea which have been drawn in the same draw against Lille during both the initial and the rescheduled draw.

City the losing finalist, will play Sporting on the same day for the first time in a while since the two teams were during the Europa League nine years ago.

Champions League last-16 draw

Salzburg vs Bayern Munich

Sporting Lisbon vs Manchester City

Benfica vs Ajax

Chelsea vs Lille

Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United

Villarreal vs Juventus

Inter Milan vs Liverpool

Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid

When are the last 16 tie-ups?

The last 16 matches will be divided into various weeks, with the first matches scheduled for Feb. 15-23 and then February 22-23.

The second leg will take place on March 8-9, and March 15-16.

How Man Utd’s gaffe by UEFA caused a redraw

The draw farce played out…

Draw begins: Benfica are the first team to be drawn from the runners-up pool – and then joined by Real Madrid.

Villarreal errors: Villarreal are drawn from the runners-up pot, as Marchetti stated: “Villarreal can be paired against all the other seven teams”. Arshavin draws Man United from the pot of opponents eligible, prompting Marchetti to change his statement and add: “This is not possible because Man Utd were in the group so we need to do another one.”

Apology: Arshavin instead draws Manchester City but Marchetti apologizes for “the technical issue that our draw is experiencing” due to City’s name showing on the screen when Villarreal’s opponent is shown.

Man Utd not drawn: Atletico are drawn from the runners-up pool as Marchetti states: “The possibilities are all except Liverpool, who were in the same group, and Manchester United; Manchester United have already been drawn.” Manchester United had not already been drawn, but Heselschwerdt seems to select Liverpool, in addition to not selecting Man United when he places the balls representing the teams that are eligible to play Atletico in the bowl. Arshavin draws Bayern to take on Atletico.

The Champions League draw was conducted in Nyon by UEFA deputy general secretary Giorgio Marchetti, and UEFA head of club competitions Michael Heselschwerdt, with the assistance of special guest Andrey Arshavin.

Eight balls, representing eight runners-up were included in one bowl. Eight group winners were placed into individual bowls.

Each winner was paired against a runner-up from an entirely different Association of football.

Heselschwerdt said that the drawing process will have one runner-up selected from the pot for runners-up. A computer will then decide the winners to draw against them. Bowls with the names of opponents eligible for selection are thrown together in another bowl. From that, the group winner with the highest chance of winning will be chosen and then placed with the winner.

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