How to Pick a Dog Breeder: Everything You Need to Know

The dog and pet breeder market share is around 1.9 billion. With such an enormous market size, it’s obvious that you’ll find a dog breeder when you need one. But it won’t be as easy to pick a dog breeder that will give you a high-quality pet. 

How do you find a good dog breeder? Read on to learn some tips for doing so. 

Research Types of Dogs 

People want to believe that nurture plays a larger role in a dog’s personality than nature. But this isn’t the case. You can see it in the way that border collies show a herding instinct when they’re puppies. 

So consider your situation. Then look up the dog breeds that are best for your particular situation. 

A Smaller Space 

If you live in a small apartment, you should choose a dog that can put up with that situation. In many cases, smaller dogs are best for small spaces. You should look up the best Chihuahua, pug, or Havanese breeder. 

But some large dog breeds that don’t need much exercise can thrive in smaller environments. Greyhounds are a good example of this. 


Do you have kids? If so, you should put away your dreams of owning a Chihuahua or a Siberian husky. These breeds do not mix well with kids. 

Instead, look for the best Goldendoodle breeder. The Goldendoodle is an excellent dog for kids. Other kid-friendly breeds include pugs, beagles, and bulldogs. 

Find Recommendations 

You may have a lot of dog-owning friends. Some of them may even own dogs of your ideal breed. You should ask them about options for dog breeds they’ve used. 


Ask your local dog-owning friends for dog breeder recommendations first or you can check cute Goldendoodles For Sale. This way, it will be easier to travel to get your new puppy and bring it to its new home. 


Your local friends may not give you enough information. That’s okay! People on the internet can still offer you a wealth of information. 

Find social media subgroups or forums that focus on dog-owning, dog care, etc. Ask about the dog breeders that the dog owners there have used. Some of the people in the subgroup should be happy to answer your question. 


Do you already have pets and are seeing a veterinarian? Then you can ask them if they know any good breeders in the area. 

They see plenty of pups daily. They’ve probably learned where all those cute little balls of fur are coming from. 

When Reading Online Reviews 

Online review sites can give you a hearty helping of information. The problem is that not all that information is true. 

Fake Reviews 

Even though fake reviews are illegal, some companies will still post them. They’ll create positive reviews for their products or services or pay someone else to create these reviews for them. Some companies may even create fake negative reviews about their competitors to try to get a leg up on the competition. 

Spot Fake Reviews 

You’re not hopeless against these lies. The internet offers plenty of tips you can use to help you spot these negative reviews. You can then disregard the fake reviews and get your information solely from the real reviews. 

Before You Pick a Dog Breeder

A good dog breeder should be an open book. You should get clear and quick answers from them about the dog’s genetic history, treatment, etc. If a dog breeder seems secretive, you should go to a different breeder. 

Below you’ll find some things to ask about the puppies. 


Puppies should never be kept in a cage away from humans. They won’t become used to humans and will be far less trusting of them. Puppies who are like this do not make good pets. 

Make sure that the breeder regularly plays with the puppies. They should also know that it is important to treat puppies this way. 


Good breeders should be more than happy to introduce you to the puppy’s parents. They should also be more than happy to give you your puppy’s parents’ bill of health. This should prove to you that the parents have no health conditions they may pass on to their pups. 

Responsible Breeding 

Ask each breeder how often they breed their dogs. The best breeders give their dogs a rest between breeding seasons. 

It’s a good sign if the breeder has to put you on a waiting list and you have to wait for some time. This shows that the breeder cares about the health of the dogs and should give you a healthy puppy. 

Breed Questions 

Most breeders only work with one to two types of dogs for years. They should have a wealth of information available about the types of dogs that they raise. You can judge how long a person has bred a particular type of dog by how much they know about it. 

Consider learning about the dog breed you want. Ask the breeder questions about the particular breed. If their answers seem questionable, you shouldn’t work with that breeder. 

What Dog Breeders Ask You 

The best dog breeders don’t sell their puppies to just anyone. They always make certain they’re selling to responsible pet owners. They should ask you a lot of questions about your finances, home situation, and knowledge of the breed. 

Please don’t take offense to this. It just shows that the breeder cares about the animals they’re selling. This is a good sign that you’ll receive a healthy and friendly pup. 

More Pets and Animal Articles Ahead 

Your new pet is going to be with you for a long time. You should want a puppy that will have a long, happy, and healthy life with you. To get this pet, you need to pick a dog breeder that knows how to breed high-quality dogs. 

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