Picture-perfect Smile: 4 Dental Care Habits You Should Develop

4 Dental Care Habits You Should Develop

When you ask anybody what they want to improve in their bodies, you get different answers. Some would describe facial features. Some want to enhance or reduce certain body parts, while many would like to either lose weight, gain weight, or grow muscles.  However, only a few would say something about improving oral health.

The teeth are one part of the body that is often overlooked. However, studies show a huge percent of people brushing their teeth every day. This is followed by using mouthwash, too. But all of these are considered routine. It’s like a daily chore that is not given enough emphasis.

However, there is a saying. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the teeth can be the window to the mouth. The teeth are one feature that can either be recognized or ignored. They are noticed if they are beautiful but heavily criticized if they don’t look perfect.

If you apply for a job, one of the first to impress the company is your smile. This includes the look of your teeth, which brings you confidence. And when you get that first kiss on your date, the key to the second kiss is the smell of your breath. These are simple examples of the importance of oral health. But something you should pay attention to.

Here are simple ways to make your teeth look better and your breath smell better:

  1. Choose the Right Toothpaste

When you walk around the toothpaste aisle, the number of different brands can be overwhelming. Chances are you will base your options on what’s cheaper. Another usual choice could be on the popular brand. But if you want whiter teeth, the key is to look at the ingredients. One ingredient to avoid is known as Abrasive.

Abrasive is a household cleaning product. Other examples of abrasives are volcanic ash, marble, and rottenstone. If often used, it can damage your teeth’s enamel. Though whitening can be achieved, the long-term effects are not worth it—something you will only regret for a lifetime. Therefore, oral health procedures like dental bleaching require professional expertise.

Another tooth brushing hack is to ditch that last gargle. After your first gargle, brush your teeth with toothpaste. But this time, you can skip the gargle that follows after brushing. That way, the fluoride that comes from the toothpaste stays in your teeth to do its job.

  1. Choose Food That Helps You Take Care of Your Teeth

Believe it or not, some food helps clean your teeth. Some of these are lettuce, carrots, and apples. The reason behind this is its crisp and fibrous contents. This food has the capacity to work as natural toothbrushes. Science shows that while you eat them, they scrub debris away from your teeth.

Because of this, you get to avoid bacteria and microbes that harm your teeth. You can also do your own research or discuss this with a nutritionist. There could be other food that has the same content.

  1. Avoid Sugar

Sugar is sweet and delicious. But too much of it is bad for your health. Not only that, it will give you many oral health problems. It may damage your teeth for good. Cavities and tooth decay are the expected effects of eating too much sugar.

But you don’t need to say goodbye to your “sweet tooth.” It is an option to replace sugar with natural sweeteners. Among them are Stevia and monk fruit. But one alternative sweetener that helps clean the teeth is xylitol. This is known to be a sweetener being used for oral care products that helps prevent bad breath and tooth decay.

  1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar as Mouthwash

You can dilute this with a bit of water. Swish and gargle it around your mouth. Then rinse it with water. This is an alternative way that help your oral hygiene.

Even when apple cider vinegar is known to be acidic, you can’t deny the benefits it brings. One of them is its antibacterial properties. By doing this, you can avoid plaque, bad breath, and tooth decay. If you choose this, make sure to consult your dentist first.

Oral health should be a part of your priority. Its benefits are not only for aesthetics, but it can also save yourself from a painful toothache. Try all that was discussed here. But the most crucial part is to visit your dentist regularly. This way, you get to enjoy the benefits of oral health: fresher breath, whiter teeth, and a picture-perfect smile.

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