Pop-up tents: 7 benefits of camping to your health

7 benefits of camping to your health

For some time now, popup telt types of popup tents have been the rave among many campers. What could be so exciting about camping that makes many people want to take part in it? What many people do not know about camping is that it comes with numerous health benefits. Many people go for camping to take in all the health benefits they can get from one. Besides being a boost to your health, camping can be enjoyable when there are two or more people with you. In the meantime, these are some of the best health benefits that you get from camping.

1). Peacefulness and quietness

Camping allows you to unplug from your stressful routines and enjoy all the simplicity that nature has to offer. This is the perfect time to break out of the endless charging of laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Camping gives you the chance to recharge the batteries of your health. You will certainly feel a rejuvenation in your mind and body after enjoying some camping.

2). A chance for a physical exercise

The opportunity to go camping gives you the chance to do some physical activity. You get to collect, make, and store your food. You also get to move about the campsite while effectively managing your shelter. And if you feel like going the extra mile, you can add swimming, biking, walking, and fishing to your camping activities. These activities will help you burn off calories and give your cardiovascular organs a boost.

3). Abrupt stress reduction

Camping is an active stress killer. It abruptly reduces stress as it actively gets rid of common triggers of stress such as work pressure, traffic congestion, and the worries that come with urban life. When you go camping, all you get to hear are birds chirping, sounds of tree leaves, the soothing effects of the wind, and other healing effects of nature. This is the most effective way to kill stress and it can be more therapeutic compared to MP3 audio or a yoga session.

4). Enhanced relationships

Camping allows you to connect with your family. Back home, you get everybody working on their devices and no one has time for other people. The wife is on her phone, the kids are busy with their PlayStation games, the dogs are playing with their electronic yo-yos. Camping will give you and the family the chance to go out and do things together. You can cook together and protect your camping popup-telt like a pack of fierce Nordic warriors. Nothing boosts health like being with your family and doing things together.

5). Improved sleep

Camping certainly helps improve our sleep patterns. It does this as it enhances the natural hormone – Melatonin – which is used to control our sleeping patterns. Working for long hours in the artificial lights of the office causes a depletion in our Melatonin levels. The blue light from artificial light sources such as incandescent bulbs suppresses the level of Melatonin in the body. With outdoor camping, the body is exposed to yellow lights which are friendly to our Melatonin levels. This can help up achieve more regular sleep patterns and thereby improve our sleeping patterns.

6). A good dose of Vitamin D

Each time that we go camping outdoors, our bodies can take in large amounts of sunlight. Sunlight gives our skin a healthy outdoor shine and can be used internally for the synthesis of Vitamin D. Vitamin D acts as a catalyst whereby our bodies can fully absorb phosphorus and calcium. These are two important minerals that are needed for healthy teeth and bones.

7). Improved Memory

Whenever we go on a camping trip, we are usually surrounded by fresh air and trees. This helps the body to secrete higher serotonin quantities. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is produced naturally by the body. It can be used to regulate our sleeping patterns, mood, and appetite. It can also be used to improve cognitive body functions like learning patterns and memory performance.

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