How to Get Customers and Clients to Leave Positive Reviews

Over 90% of customers say that online reviews affect their decisions about a business. With so much competition it is important to get feedback about your products or services.

But how do you grow your collection of positive reviews?

This article is here to give you some helpful tips on growing your online reviews. We talk about building an online persona and getting feedback from current clients. We also cover rewarding customers for their loyalty and reviews with incentives.

Create an Online Presence

One of the best ways to get positive online reviews is to create an online presence. This makes it easier for your clients to leave reviews and helps you reach new clients.

Most people will look on Google or social media platforms when looking for a service. So having a positive online persona is vital for businesses.

You can also use services to help manage your online image. For example, if you have a veterinary surgery, use reputation management for veterinarians to reach the right clients.

Having social media accounts is great for being able to highlight positive feedback. You can share photos of your reviews online, so they will know what to expect from a customer experience.

Ask Your Clients

If you are doing a great job, then don’t be afraid to ask clients to leave reviews. Often even when people have a great customer experience, they forget to leave a review. Asking them gives that extra push to go and leave one for you.

Your customers understand how important reviews are and will be more than happy to leave one. Make sure that you do it right away though, as immediate feedback is the most effective.

If a client gives you positive feedback in private, ask them if they would mind putting it on a public review. Having a good Google rating, or another trusted review site is the best way to generate business.

Reward Reviews

Another way to generate more positive reviews is to give an incentive. This shows your appreciation for them taking the time to write something.

You could give customers rewards for leaving reviews, so they may feel more inclined to do so. You could give them a discount on their next service, or enter them into a prize draw.

It is important that clients don’t feel like you are trying to buy their reviews. Make it clear that your desire for feedback is genuine, and try to show that you act upon the information. This builds trust and respect with your customers and shows good customer service.

Get More Positive Reviews

When building a business, getting positive reviews is a great way to grow your reputation. Having great reviews attracts new customers and shows the quality of your service. Try some of these tips and see how your online reviews grow.

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