Preventing Back Pain: Keeping Your Body in Its Best Shape

Preventing Back Pain

Back pain can result from trauma, including a car collision or a fall; however, an activity done incorrectly is one of its most common causes. It can include activities as common as carrying grocery bags, bending over while vacuuming, sitting in the same position for hours, or twisting to lift or reach an object.

Fortunately, you can find different tricks to reduce your risks of back pain. It only entails a few lifestyle changes that will turn into your second nature. Below are straightforward but efficient ways to minimize your risks of back pain.

Making the Core Muscles Stronger

Exercise offers numerous health benefits. Doing a strength-training workout will be your most efficient tool if you want to relieve back pain. It should focus on strengthening your core muscles to minimize your risks of back-related injuries, including muscle spasms and strains. Or, you can also incorporate abdominal or back strengthening workouts. Do the same exercise twice a week to develop a stronger, more flexible back.

If your condition is already bad and you can’t stand the pain, you can opt for chiropractic care. It’ll help you correct your spine so that it functions properly.

Wearing Comfortable Shoes

Be cautious of the shoes you’re wearing. You should only be wearing comfortable, low-heeled shoes to minimize back pain. Making that a habit will reduce the strain on your back while standing. Your pair of shoes with less than an inch heel are the best choices to relieve your back from pain.

Not Slumping Over Desks/Stations

In sitting in front of your desks or stations for hours, it’ll be helpful to maintain proper posture. Or use the same good posture techniques advisable for standing. You’ll have to support your back when sitting down, especially if you stay in that position for hours per day. It’ll also help to pick a high-quality chair that provides firm support for your lower back. Make sure your knees and hips aren’t on the same level when sitting down.

Breaking Your Smoking Habit 

Doctors have always been telling people about the adverse effects of smoking and how it’s a severe health risk. Most smokers are also more susceptible to back pain or aches than nonsmokers. Not all smokers are aware that nicotine can restrict blood flow to the disks in the spine, causing them to rupture, crack, or dry out. Likewise, smoking reduces the amount of oxygen being circulated in your blood.

That can cause a nutritional deficiency in your back’s tendons and muscles. Your weak, unhealthy back is more susceptible to accidental pulls or strains that cause back pain.

Doing Basic Stretching for Comfort

Lying down, standing, or sitting for hours isn’t healthy for your spine. Ease the pressure whenever you can by doing simple stretches, walking around, or getting up. It’ll improve circulation to your back and ease any aches or strains that result from inactivity.

Lightening the Load You’re Carrying

Heavy or improper lifting can also cause back pain, but people lifting heavy items as part of their jobs aren’t the only ones susceptible to this problem. Lifting a heavy grocery bag, camera, suitcase, or laptop bag can also strain your back. If possible, take some of the weight off your shoulders by distributing the weight evenly on both sides of your body, shifting the weight from one shoulder to another, or carrying less.

You can use the bag with wheels or a rolling cart if you’re buying groceries.

Trying to Maintain Proper Posture

Maintaining proper posture will not only make you look chic. It’ll also keep your spine safe and healthy, which will help it function properly. Bad posture will stress and strain your back, changing the spine’s curvature and architecture. Don’t bend sideways when standing, slouch, or round your shoulders.

Increasing Your Intake of Vitamins

Improving your bones will minimize your risks of osteoporosis, which is one of the most common causes of back pain. Older women are more vulnerable to this condition. You can keep your bones and spine healthier by drinking the needed amount of vitamin D and calcium. You can find calcium in vitamin supplements, milk, leafy greens, or yogurt, while vitamin D is in cheese, fatty fish, beef liver, and egg yolks.

If you are not taking your vitamins and your bones are not getting the necessary nutrition, they can get weak and brittle over time. This can cause you to suffer from fractures and other orthopaedic problems later on in life. If you suffer a serious fall, your doctor will recommend you to go for an orthopaedic surgery to remedy the situation at hand.

Elevating Your Legs While Sleeping

Minimizing the pressure on your spine also starts with not sleeping on your back. Make it a habit to raise your legs or place a pillow under your knees to relieve the pressure on your back while you’re sleeping.

Making the necessary lifestyle changes will help you reduce your risks of back pain; however, don’t ignore its symptoms. It can indicate a more complicated condition or problem. Meet with a doctor to discuss your symptoms and what treatment is best.

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