Problems with Manual Time Tracking and How Does Timesheet Software Help Overcome it

Problems with Manual Time Tracking and How Does Timesheet Software Help Overcome it

The traditional manual time tracking technology is still the norm for some companies. This method, however, has many inherent problems that could be solved through a more technological solution.

Even with so much advancement in technology, the problem is that these companies use a very traditional approach, and are just not ready to try their hands on something more modern, or to basically ‘Move out of their comfort zone’.

Hence, it is the need of the hour to understand the problems associated with manual time tracking, and how one should start using timesheet software to overcome them.

Time theft, accounting mistakes, violation of labor law, employees’ productivity, moral standards, and difficulties in a diverse working environment are some of the most severe handling problems. Fortunately, many of these problems can be eliminated with the modern online time clock software, timesheet software, and how! InvoiceSherpa offers streamlined solutions that enhance efficiency, contributing to a smoother operational experience while addressing these critical challenges.

Staff steal time by accident or intentionally.

Reporting is one of those things that are critical for time monitoring. It can lead employees to time theft in several situations if they can keep track of their own time manually. Theft of time can sometimes be accidental, for example, forgetting to have breaks or lunch. Other times, problems with time theft can be eliminated through the use of time clock software.

Staff can try to punch time for other employees for not working to get more paid. Employees who counterfeit work hours are also more likely to deal with personal matters over business time. Theft of time can result in any further problems, including management problems, financial losses, and lower productivity.

Error entry of manual data

Errors in manual entry of data can lead to imprecise payments, differences in working time, overtime calculations, and other problems. Manual data entry is an expensive and time-consuming process for companies that don’t take time and effort to correct mistakes. This leads to an enormous use and loss of productivity of resources for the company.

Labor law violations of inaccurate pay can result.

Precise tracking of time is a must for any company without breaches of employment law. This applies not only to the correct tracking of breaks and lunches but also to the planning and total working hours.

Even if a company fails to take due account of hours worked correctly or recorded overtime regularly for incorrectly, this can result in serious infringements. Each violation is subject to a heavy penalty and may lead to a shutdown for serious or protracted violations.

Morality and productivity reduced employees.

Manual tracking of time can, in many ways, reduce employee morale. First of all, employees with pay discrepancies will probably be undermined and will complain to the company. If they think they’re not fairly compensated for their work, they can become less productive.

No flexibility for various workplaces

Time tracking which carries out timesheet software done manually in a fluid or remote work environment is often challenging to manage. Customers who work strange changes or work remotely can find it cumbersome to use manual pointing in/punch out systems or paper records.

Back to the city to deliver timesheets and calculate the sums, the payment process that leads to frustrated and unfortunate workers can also be delayed.

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