3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

Are you looking to hire a professional cleaning company to handle cleanup at your business? While hiring a cleaning company can be a wise choice, there are plenty of variables you’ll need to look at before making a decision.

Figuring out who to hire and how to find the best cleaning company for the job is an important decision that won’t last long if you aren’t thorough.

Are you ready to hire a cleaning company but unsure where to start?

We’ve got the info you need to know. Read on to learn a few questions to consider asking when hiring a cleaning services company for the first time.

1. What Cleaning Services Does the Company Provide?

When looking for a professional cleaning company, the most critical question is what cleaning services they provide. Know the range of services offered so you can decide on what is most suitable for your needs. Other questions to ask include: what products do they use, what is their experience in the field, do they provide any references, and do they offer free consultations?

Additionally, ask about the availability of the cleaners and what measures they take to reduce noise and cut disruption. Finally, inquire about the company’s safety procedures. It includes the use of gloves and masks for protection and the type of training or certification the employees have. 

2. Are the Cleaners Insured and Bonded?

When hiring professional cleaners, ask if their cleaners have insurance and that they provide bonding. Proof of insurance shows that the company is serious and complies with local, state, and federal laws.

Furthermore, this also covers your property in the case of accidents or incidents that may cause physical damage to the facility. Bonding differs from insurance because it guarantees employees are professional and trustworthy.

They will never steal from the property and show commitment to the job at hand. Asking questions like these before hiring a cleaning company will help ensure that everything runs and you get the results promised.

3. What Are Their Rates and Fees?

When hiring professional cleaning services, ask about the rates and fees for their services. Doing so will help ensure that the cost of services meets the budget.

Key questions are the estimated cost for their services, if the fee includes taxes and extra fees, and if there is a discount for recurring services. Ask if the company charges hourly, flat fees, or both. If the company offers a package deal, ask what comes with the service.

Additionally, inquire if the company has any extra surcharges or fees that could affect the budget. Knowing the rates and costs ahead of time will ensure that one is not surprised afterward by unexpected expenses.

Contact a Professional Cleaning Company Today

A professional cleaning company can reduce your stress and save you time. Careful research and consideration of the questions above should help you find a reputable cleaning service that fits your needs. Inspect the cleaning company’s qualifications and track record before deciding.

Choose a reliable and respectable company to work with and let your stress be alleviated. For more advice on hiring a cleaner and more on home maintenance, check out our related articles on our website.

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