Pros and Cons of Choosing Salesforce CRM for Your Small Business

Pros and Cons of Choosing Salesforce CRM for Your Small Business

Salesforce is a customer relationship management and application development platform, which allows the building and deployment of business applications. These enterprise applications are fully customizable in various ways.You can configure featured applications on the Salesforce platform where the design of a CRM depends on your specific business needs and goals. The major advantage of Salesforce as a CRM is that it can be customized for every business use case.

Implementation of smart CRM systems as Salesforce will help the sales teams to make their tasks easier. It can also help to speed up the automation of the sales process.There are many advantages and disadvantages for Salesforce implementation, which may not be clearly differentiating or very obvious most of the time. The differences between the pros and cons of Salesforce usage appearto be very subtle and difficult to define. However, in this article, we will discuss a few pros and cons of Salesforce CRM for you to get a better insight into it.

Pros of Salesforce CRM

In any case, there is no doubt that Salesforce is the No.1 choice of CRM platform for businesses of all sizes across the globe. There are many reasons for this. However, we will discuss afew important pros of Salesforce CRM, which make it the best.

1. Customizability

At the first point, you can find a wide range of widgets on Salesforce for reporting, which will let you analyze your organization’s performance from various perspectives. A close evaluation of performance is very important for a growing company where Salesforce will enable close customization of the business processes for various industries.

2. Cloud-based solutions

On Salesforce, you can take your organization management suite along with you wherever you are as it is being placed on the cloud. For small and growing companies, they need to maintain only fewer resources to run a business while most of the sme may be set up on the cloud. Every employee and every user can access Salesforce CRM tools and dashboards from anywhere in the world and contribute effectively to improve productivity. This is very much important in the decentralized work environment of modern-day enterprises.

3. Compatibility

It does not matter which all browsers you use, like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc., Salesforce CRM supports all these. So, it is very easy for the users to manage social media functions like Chatter, which will help businesses to collaborateeasily. You can also explore functionalities like Status Updates, News Live, File Uploading,Link Sharing, and all these can be done right from a single Salesforce dashboard.

4. Quick start

To work on Salesforce, you do not have to install any new software. You may not also need any hardware for the same. Salesforce offers a unique opportunity to run your business in a day or so. Placement of resources on the cloud will also enable real-time access to data and increase business efficiency by minimizing your response time to leverage market opportunities.

5. Easy to manage

Intelligent navigation is another feature of Salesforce, as pointed out by Flosum, which makes Salesforce user-friendly. The navigation bar is placed right on top of the window. All tabs are separated into different categories like Home, Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, etc., for each campaign. With this split view, you will reduce the overall cost of CRM while onboarding staff or for training.

6. Business automation

Salesforce CRM will also let the users run their businesses more efficiently on this platform with automation features. Sales managers can easily keep a close track of their purchase funnel and analyze it in detail by adjusting the strategies according to their information. Automation will help cut down the time and increase effectiveness.

Major cons of Salesforce CRM

1. Customization is expensive

When you are trying to implement a CRM platform, pricing is an important consideration.This may be a major concern for small businesses if you try to use any third-party solutions or want to do customization.For Salesforce customization; you need to bear some extra payout.

2. The complexity of the platform

Some small businesses may not have a dedicated marketing or sales team and may not need a complex or powerful system like Salesforce.Onboarding the limited users on it may seem overwhelming for a business, which does not even haveany tool. However, if you launch on Salesforce initially, it can help you out in a big way in the long run.

3. Transmission of interface

Each release and update of Salesforce dramatically changes the dashboard and interface. The administration process may be a nightmare for the users as one fresh day. They may find some well-known features disappeared or difficult to discover for them. Salesforce is an ever-evolving platform trying to make life easier for the users, coma, which is the reason behind these small discomforts.

Complicated tech support process

It seems a bit difficult to get technical support from Salesforce in case of some urgent questions. Sometimes, it may take a lot of time to contact an authorized person to resolve your query. However, it does not mean that your questions may not be answered, but not immediately.This is why many organizations try to work with third-party solution providers as Salesforce consultants who can take care of their end-to-end Salesforce administrative needs.

Interface reporting

While using Salesforce, many complain that it is really difficult to generate the reports. They say that even for reporting the most basic information, it could be a challenge on Salesforce. You need to approach a complicated step-by-step process for even to report minimal information.


All these listed advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce demonstrate that it is important for aspiring users to have a basic knowledge of how they will use Salesforce. The functionality of Salesforce can improve the performance of your business for sure and can also bring more revenue.However, sometimes the highly power-packed Salesforce platforms can be an overburden for small businesses if you cannot handle it well. But, by knowing all these things in advance, Salesforce can surely bring you more innovative and easy ways to become successful in your business.


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