Pros and Cons of Renting a Car in Orlando

Pros and Cons of Renting a Car in Orlando

A trip to Orlando is an excellent opportunity to replenish your resources and have a fascinating rest. This city is known for its abundance of various activities and attractions. Depending on your travel plans, you will have to decide whether a car rental is appropriate for this trip. This article contains the advantages and disadvantages of renting a car in Orlando, which will help you understand this issue.

Pros of renting a car

Renting a car has many advantages. However, first, you need to find out if you can include the desired car model in the trip budget. It is recommended to compare car rental choices and prices for similar models in detail. You should also attend to reviews and bureaucratic requirements and read the rent terms.

Secure luggage space

While traveling around Orlando and its surroundings to enjoy all the attractions available, you need to think about luggage. A perfect vacation requires a huge wardrobe, gadgets, and personal hygiene products that can hardly fit in a compact backpack. Going on a journey with a volume of baggage on public transport in a large city, you run the risk of not keeping track of all your belongings.  
Take care of your luggage immediately after your flight: consider Hertz car rental Orlando airport options to get into the car instantly upon arrival. Renting a vehicle will make baggage available for day trips out of town and allow you to enthusiastically explore the area without carrying heavy loads.

High mobility and great opportunities

Traveling by car gives you high autonomy when moving and the opportunity to see famous sights outside peak hours. Traveling on wheels will allow you to move into your schedule and explore the area away from the beaten paths. You save time that could be spent waiting for public transport and get the opportunity to visit more places.

Comfort for the driver and passengers

Florida’s climate is quite hot; you can hide from it in the air-conditioned cabin of a rented car. Traveling in a stuffy bus full of passengers is unlikely to keep a positive impression of the tour. Search for well-air-conditioned vehicles from the available Orlando car rentals.
In a comfortable car, you can relax after a flight or a busy day trip and listen to your favorite music on the way. Check out car rental companies that offer an additional driver service (sometimes this option is free), so you can share the driving with other people and relax.

Cons of renting a vehicle in Orlando

Despite the attractiveness of traveling in a rented car, it still has disadvantages. They are mainly related to finances and unexpected overpayments, and once a trip can turn into an accident or a significant fine. Let’s break down the main disadvantages of renting a car in Orlando.

Expensive in the tourist season

Orlando attracts more and more tourists every year. Summer, the time for vacations and travel, is the hot season to visit Orlando. The influx of tourists creates a great demand, so the choice of cars decreases with increasing prices. Trying to rent a vehicle on the spot, you may be disappointed and your plans ruined.
Deciding to travel to Orlando during the peak season, it’s best to consider hiring a vehicle well in advance. Find a good offer from car rental Orlando to book a vehicle a couple of weeks in advance at an affordable price.

Additional expenses

Often, car hiring results in unforeseen expenses that were not considered while forming the trip budget. These additional costs include the following:

  • Toll roads.
  • Vehicle damage.
  • Penalty for late return of the vehicle.
  • Additional services.
  • Parking Fee.
  • Fines.

For the most part, unexpected expenses are the tourists’ fault, who hastily inattentively read the rental agreement and did not check the car upon receipt. Some showed a lack of punctuality or did not consider it necessary to familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of the traffic rules. Prepare carefully for the trip and learn from the mistakes of other tourists to avoid negative experiences.

Sometimes a car is redundant

Sometimes renting a vehicle is a waste of budget money, and you can avoid it. For example, if your purpose of traveling to Orlando is to visit Walt Disney World, then renting a car is rather unnecessary. Public transport has regular direct flights to this resort; having settled in a hotel on the territory, you will not remember the need for a car. Base on your itinerary and check out the best travel options to resolve the need issue.

Renting a car is optional for a great trip to Orlando if you’re looking for a group tour or a specific theme park. However, moving on wheels can be very convenient if you appreciate comfort and are not bound by the city limits. Choose based on the purpose of the trip and your knowledge.

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