Prototype vs MVP Comparison

Prototype vs MVP Comparison

A prototype is an early trial, a model of a product built to test a concept, whereas an MVP has enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback on future product development. Prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs) are key elements of any product development. What’s the difference between them? See our comparison: MVP vs prototype.

What is an MVP?

The scope of MPV and prototype is significantly different, because in the prototype we put little effort and time, we hand over for testing internally, while with MPV we have to get more involved, pass the evaluation to all potential customers.  An MVP is almost a full-fledged product, ready to be launched on the market. It’s a shot to understand if your product will be valuable to customers in the market. All it needs is feedback from your target audience and further validation of the MVP. A minimum viable product is visible to a startup because it provides user feedback in the early stages and can become a green light to move on to creating a fully functional product.

What is a prototype?

Do you have an idea for a product, but want to test how it works before you release it to the market? This is when a prototype will work best, as it is one of the cheapest and quickest options before moving on to further development of your startup. This way you will see how your future product will function and what it might look like. Simply put, it is like a sketch that you present to investors to show your idea alive and working.  A prototype is a way to quickly test the basic ideas and assumptions of your product. Creating a prototype allows you to see in advance how potential users will interact with your future product. The development team should gather customer feedback and consistently make changes to the existing prototype or build a new one. Prototypes allow you to understand the look and feel of your mobile app, which helps you test how customers use it. Using a prototype for usability testing gives you enough time to make changes to critical design issues before the product reaches the development stage.

What is the difference between mvp and prototype?

An app prototype is an interactive, working visualisation of a product to identify usability flaws in the design. An MVP app is a version of a product with a basic value proposition, including only core features to bring value to market as quickly as possible. The key difference with using an MVP is that with a prototype you are testing the concept and potential visual experience of using the product. Often, you will need to build multiple prototypes with different scopes and content before you move on to MVP development. Prototyping is additionally effective in coming up with fresh ideas for a startup product.

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