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Rat Prevention: Thing You Can Do Today to Stop an Infestation

Are rats infesting your house?

If you think you have a rat infestation, it’s essential to find out before the problem gets out of control. Fortunately, there are some excellent rat prevention strategies, and it’s never too early to use them.

Once rats get comfortable in your home, they may never be left alone. They can bring many different diseases. They can also cause significant property damage with their chewing and gnawing.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you think your house might have a rat infestation, keep reading this article for some valuable things you can try today.

Clean Up the Clutter in Your Home

One of the easiest and most effective steps to take in rat prevention is to clean up all the clutter in your home. Dispose of the boxes, paper, storage containers, and other items accumulated in the corners of your room and basement. Keep stored items in air-tight containers that rats cannot easily access.

Seal All Cracks and Openings Outside Your Home

Fix any structural damage to your home as soon as possible. Seal up any potential entry points with steel wool and caulk, paying particular attention to plumbing and electrical conduits. Cut back any bushes and trees close to your building, minimizing the opportunity for wild rats to enter.

Create No “Go” Zones by Eliminating Food and Water Sources

Start by gathering potential food sweep and remove any potential food sources. This includes trash cans, dog food, bird feeders, pet bowls, and spilled food.

Rats can get into nearly anything that has been left out. Make sure all of these potential hazards are secured in sealed containers. If this hasn’t successfully eradicated a rat infestation, you can consider a rodent control service found here.

Utilize Effective Rat Repellents and Traps

Rat repellents provide particular smells or flavors that will naturally deter rats from wandering into an area. You can choose from various rat repellents, including an eco-friendly repellent spray. Additionally, traps can be used to capture or eliminate the existing rats.

To ensure optimal effectiveness, follow manufacturer instructions. Install the traps in areas such as pathways the rats are likely to frequent. Taking these preventative steps can save you from a costly and disruptive infestation.

Dispose of Dead Rats Appropriately

This can be done by always wearing gloves when handling a dead rat. Avoid touching the rodent’s fur and any fluids surrounding it. After handling the rat, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water.

Place the dead rat in a sealed plastic bag and dispose of it in an appropriate trash can. Preferably one that has a secure lid to prevent other vermin from getting inside. If possible, place the bagged rat outside in an area away from the home, such as a woods or a dump.

Taking Notes on Rat Prevention

Rat prevention is a necessary and important step that every household should take. Luckily, there are easy steps you can take today to help prevent rat infestations. Use steel wool to seal any cracks or holes in walls, use caulk to close gaps around windows and doors, and keep any food or garbage sealed and stowed away.

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