Reasons You Should Use a Blown Glass Bong to Smoke

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Are you looking for a new experience when it comes to smoking or vaping?

Don’t stick to the traditional options, such as regular cigarette sticks or rolled joints. Even a tobacco pipe doesn’t cut it anymore. You need an option that offers a cooler, smoother hit.

You can achieve that and more with a blown glass bong.

Not sure how or why a bong benefits you more than any other method of smoking? We’ve got a list for you! Continue reading to learn about the benefits below:

Cleaner and Smoother Hit

Do bongs filter out bad stuff? The answer is a clear yes. This is because the water in a bong traps the tar, ash, and other impure elements from your cannabis or tobacco.

This also guarantees a smoother hit. You won’t have to worry about painful throat burn.

If you want a colder hit, you can add ice to a blown glass bong. Most glass bongs feature an ice trap. It’s as simple as dropping a few cubes in there before taking a hit.

Durability and Longevity

Ever tried to roll a joint? It takes time and practice to get it right. After smoking it, however, you need to do it again for your next stick.

Sure, the initial bong price might seem like a lot at first glance. However, it’ll pay for itself in the long run. You won’t have to worry about a lost tobacco pipe or paper for joints.

A bong can last for years. All you need to do is keep it clean and not drop it.

Better Flavor

When you use a bong, the smoke and vapor have to pass through water first. This cleanses out the bad ingredients while purifying the flavor.

A blown glass bong is the best choice among bong options. Wood, plastic, aluminum, or brass bongs look great but they can affect the flavor of each hit. A glass bong won’t do this so you’ll get the purest flavor possible.


Smoking from a bong is as convenient as it can get. Simply add water, place the cannabis or tobacco into the bowl, fire up with a lighter, and then inhale through the pipe. You can add ice for a cooler, smoother hit.

Do you prefer to vape instead of smoke? With an adapter, you can connect your vaporizer to a bong. You’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of a bong with your vape kit.

Use a Blown Glass Bong Now

What are you waiting for? Use a blown glass bong and enjoy the many benefits it offers! Take advantage of its convenience, better flavor, durability, and cleaner hits.

That said, using a glass bong for a better smoking or vaping experience is only the start. If you liked this post, don’t hesitate to keep reading to learn more! Pick up other general tips and tricks by going through our library of posts and guides!

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