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Recommendations to Aid Your Bathroom Remodel San Antonio

Recommendations to Aid Your Bathroom Remodel San Antonio

You’ve ultimately realized it’s time to update your bathroom. We all need to get going on a project, whether it’s a total overhaul or just a few small adjustments. These bathroom makeover concepts are sure to spark some serious creativity, even if you already have a rough notion of what you want to alter but are stuck for specifics.

In this piece, we get to assist residents in the San Antonio, Texas, area in turning their outdated and unusable bathrooms into relaxing retreats where they may start and end each day in style. After reading this, you might consider renovating your shower to a more convenient location or upgrading your countertops if they are currently uninspiring. Looking over these plans should get you motivated to get started on your bathroom remodel San Antonio, no matter what your goals may be.

Five Design Ideas to Think About Incorporating Into Your Top-notch Bathroom Remodeling

1. Remodeling with Mirrored Doors

Mirrored doors are not only a stylish method to solve the age-old dilemma of how to make a small bathroom appear larger and brighter, but also a functional one. Well before a larger shower, extra storage, and a standalone tub have been added, most bathrooms lack the wall space necessary to hang a full-length mirror (even less wall space). Instead of using an unsightly aftermarket full-length mirror fastened to the back of a door, a simple solution is to replace the door to the bathroom or closet with a mirrored one.

2. Warm Tile Floors

Have you ever tried to avoid treading on the tile floor by jumping from rug to rug as you worked your way from the bathtub to the vanity in the dead of winter? Once your feet start hurting from walking on cold flooring, it’s too late to do anything about it.

The installation of heated flooring is one of the more understated ways to give one’s house the feel of a luxury spa. To accommodate any need or space layout, a wide variety of types and ways of installation are readily available. They are simple in design and operation, and they consume less power due to their low voltage.

3. Towel Warmer

After a relaxing shower, nothing beats wrapping up in a warm towel. While a heated towel rail is a nice addition to any bathroom, it may not be possible in smaller bathrooms without more wall space. They come in a wide variety of lengths, widths, and layouts to meet your specific practical and aesthetic requirements, and they can be ordered in a variety of finishes to match the rest of your furnishings.

4. A Shower for Two Design

A bathroom is not the place to settle a family dispute over who gets to shower first, but rather to unwind and get ready for the day in peace. If you have the room and the funds, a double shower is a fantastic time-saver for getting ready for the day.

The practicality of a double shower is further enhanced by the fact that it may accommodate couples whose heights and weights vary greatly from one another. As a result of its modular design, fixed and handheld showers can be positioned at various heights and angles to suit the needs of the individual user.

5. Adequate Storage Unit

While it’s debatable if you need more storage capacity, it’s not a dumb choice to maximize the space you have while you’re in the middle of an inconvenient renovation. Since many bathrooms are effectively landlocked, meaning that expanding them would require a major redesign of other rooms, we enjoy coming up with ways to create space where there was previously none. Useful for storing things that don’t fit well in cabinets, storage towers have multiple levels of shallow racks. Among the most wasted areas of a master bathroom is the wall over the toilet. You can put the toilet paper and other bathroom supplies in a tiny, 5-deep wall cabinet.

Final Thoughts

There are a wide variety of possibilities for a personalized bathroom remodel. However, while thinking about the design details is fascinating, there are many other considerations to make. Think about how you like to spend your time, how long you intend to stay in your house, the local real estate market, and how much money you can afford to put into home improvements.

The SATX remodeling team of builders is well-experienced and has the expertise that can advise you on which amenities are worth the money and how to best use the available space. Our team is available and waiting to assist you in developing a strategy for your unique bathroom or kitchen remodel San Antonio, whenever you are.

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