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How Can You Record Ghosts With Your Phone?

43% of Americans believe in demons and think it is possible to come across them in unexpected places.

Whether you are a ghost believer or not, there are times when it can be useful to know how to record ghosts with your phone. Many people keep an extra phone on hand for emergencies, so knowing this is useful to keep on hand.

If you have seen something strange in an old photograph or have heard unexplained footsteps when no one is home, this guide will teach you how to capture these moments with your phone.

Equipment You Need to Capture Spirits on Your Phone

To capture spirits on your phone, you need special equipment such as an infrared camera, night vision, an ectoplasm detector, and more. However, you can also record ghosts with your phone without any extra equipment.

Some people record their surroundings for a long time when looking for ghosts. If you have a camera or sound recorder app on your phone, this can be helpful.

Also, you may use your phone to review the recordings for any strange activity. Make sure to keep your phone charged and your recording settings firmly in place before starting your investigation.

By monitoring your phone for any activity, you can look back at recordings to connect to ghosts or spirit activity. Visit for the equipment you must have.

Safe Ways to Record a Ghost With Your Phone

Before you can safely record a ghost with your phone, you need to make sure it is free of any digital risks that could be caused by malicious apps. Ensure that all of your apps are up to date and you are running your phone on the latest OS version.

You should also make sure that your phone has the right apps and settings to safely record a ghost. Once you have made sure your phone is clean, you can start the recording of a ghost by careful examination of the environment you are going to be in.

Make sure the elements in the environment, including lighting, will not cause any disruption when you record the ghost. With your phone set up, you now can start to record by either using video or audio recordings.

Make sure to research the history of the ghost or location prior to or during recording if any records of ghosts or hauntings are known to occur. Finally, when recording ghosts is done, check the audio and video recordings for any oddities that may be attributed to a ghost or spirit.

Record Ghosts Today!

If you think you may have photographed a ghost, consider downloading an app to your phone to capture evidence of paranormal activity. With the right technique, you can record your own alleged ghost experiences with your phone! Give it a try, and record ghosts today!

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