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When this company’s virtual doors were still accessible to the general population, they advertised themselves as the leading supplier of gold and silver goods. They claimed to offer pricing that was more affordable than others and that the things they supplied were regarded as the best in the business.

They further asserted that they concentrate their efforts on offering top-notch client service. The firm concentrated on educating those who were unfamiliar with this form of investment to reach out to them and teach them about precious metals.

They have a vast range of materials available for teaching regarding the precious metals sector and the various facets it encompasses. In addition, if a consumer made a large number of purchases, they would give them incentives.

When you try to open their old website through your web browser right now, it basically will not work. They no longer have their headquarters there, which was in California, where they had been previously. You must invest with an active firm, something Goldworth Financial is not if you intend to do so.

Despite attempts to do so, most review firms have been unable to confirm if Goldworth Financial became the subject of an inquiry. They do not know if this truly occurred to the long-gone firm. Even though they seemed to have done well in the financial sector, it was a surprise to investors that they closed up shop.

What may have happened there has not been explained to the public, and they cannot be asked to explain after the fact. Given that businesses in this situation often close their doors fast, it is one possible situation that may have occurred.

Regardless of how things went with this company, there is a complete list of vendors over the internet who can be found to assist with the purchase of precious metal products. If you need to locate a metals firm to assist you, you can use your search engine to find a company or ask your family and friends who they have used in the past for such transactions.

Nobody was informed of Goldworth Financial’s decision to shut down by the company. However, it is quite challenging to locate them online right now, so you should think about investing with other respectable firms that are still operating and are far better choices for setting up, financing, and investing in precious metals IRAs.

Financial Reputation of Goldworth

This company’s Better Business Bureau profile has been deleted because it is no longer active. However, some internet evaluations give the impression that the business is still active. However, it does not appear that these evaluations are authentic or posted by former clients.

The business had an excellent rating until the BBB page was removed. It was only by closing the page that the reputation of Goldworth Financials and others who worked inside at the time could be preserved.

They did not have a pristine BBB page, though. The corporation addressed concerns posted on the page, but it is difficult to find information regarding how these earlier issues were resolved.

According to the Better Business Bureau, no one has filed a lawsuit against this business. It is possible that an inquiry was conducted but that no one needed to act since the business chose to close before the government came down hard on them.

Additionally, Trustlink attests to the company’s closure. They have a snapshot of Goldworth Financial’s previous website, however, it is inaccessible due to the domain’s expiration.

Background of the Company

This business was founded in 1999, the same year they established their corporate headquarters in California. Their ability to access overseas markets made up the majority of their revenue. They may purchase precious metals ( at far lower costs than those in the US from vendors in other nations.

They were able to cut out the middleman thanks to this. They gained an advantage over their rivals because they could sell their precious metals to us without having to add a significant markup. Their prices were among the most reasonable and fiercely competitive on the market.

All shipments were covered by insurance, and all deliveries required a signature.

Many more businesses travel the same route. Companies frequently charge a fixed rate for shipping goods across the US, regardless of how much the box weighs. It became a trend for the metals companies to follow flat-rate shipments of precious metals shipped to the buyers holding company.

On the other side, shipping internationally is a challenging process that may be quite pricey.

Was Goldworth a Fraudulent Business?

Whether or whether Goldworth Financial was regarded as a fraud is exceedingly difficult to say. The evidence currently suggests that the contrary is true. They shut their doors quickly, which undoubtedly gave off a suspicious vibe.

Why did they not inform their clients of the situation? Why did they decide not to sell the business? Why were prior investors not informed of the closure?

Sincerity be damned, we might never learn what exactly transpired with this organization. We are aware of their good status with the BBB and their efforts to resolve any complaints lodged against them. We also learned they were never formally accused of any crimes.

To sum up

Prior to recently closing its doors, Goldworth Financial was a corporation that operated for more than 20 years. It is difficult to ascertain what led to their permanent closure because they did not make an announcement. They could have shut down due to poor management, economic conditions, or other causes.

You probably decided to deal with a few of the storage facilities they were linked with if they assisted you with the metals in your IRA. Because these independent businesses are still around and their assets are secure, you do not need to worry. This also applies to your IRA custodian, whose business is probably still operating.

Although Goldworth Financial might have offered their clients exceptionally low costs, they are not the only players in the market. There are further choices available.

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