Review of iBoysoft Data Recovery Free Edition

Review of iBoysoft Data Recovery Free Edition


Data rules the world. If you do not have the right data, you cannot make a decisive decision no matter what you will do next.

For instance, a business needs data on their customers to develop strategies that target their customer persona; a buyer needs to have the right data to purchase the right product they are looking for; simply keep your photos stored in drives to lock your precious memory.

However, the more we are getting digitized with our storage approach, the more we make the data vulnerable. With digital storage, anything can go wrong. A small bump can damage the drive; unauthorized access can corrupt or even infect the data. This is where you might feel the need to have data recovery software.

Data recovery software is a tool to recover deleted and lost data. The market is filled with them; the sheer number of data recovery software in the market can confuse you. This is why we would like you to recommend professional data recovery software, iBoysoft data recovery software, that even the geeks show their trust. And the best part of this software is that it offers you with 7-day free trial.

About iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

iBoysoft is a fairly new company in the market that was launched to offer software development on computer data management and data security.

Once it started spreading its roots in the industry, it started offering data recovery software that became an instant hit. The reason for the instant hit was its free version that offers its user 1GB free data recovery.

Despite having only a couple of years of experience under their belt, they have made quite an anime for themselves in the data recovery industry. Their popularity can be evaluated that even renowned websites like recommend it.

Why Do We Recommend iBoysoft?

iBoysoft offers data recovery services to both mac and windows operating systems. The free version offers a cost-effective solution for those who cannot afford to pay subscription fees.

Here are a few other reasons that made us recommend iBoysoft data recovery software.

1. Easy-To-Use Interface

iBoysoft helps the users filter out the right data that needs to be recovered with a search bar. The user interface is quite smooth, and the simple design makes it easy for even a newbie to understand the software.

2. Support Latest OS

Most software lacks regular updates, and hence, some of them lack to support all the latest versions of operating systems in the market. However, iBoysoft keeps itself updated and ensures that it supports all the latest versions of mac and windows.

3. Safe & Secure

We all know that free software is always followed by ads and sometimes even with viruses. This is why it is tough to trust free software. But iBoysoft takes full responsibility for data security and offers a secure network for the users to recover lost data. You can even use anti-virus to ensure it is not infected.

4. Recover 1GB Data for Free

This feature is the cream of iBoysoft data recovery software. Most data recovery software offers 500MB free data recovery, iBoysoft data recovery software gives you 1GB. This means if you have less than 1GB of data to recover, you can do that for free.


iBoysoft might be a young leaf in the field of data recovery, but it certainly knows how to run a business. Yes, you need to accept the fact that, like other data recovery software, iBoysoft data recovery software doesn’t guarantee a 100% data recovery but they never stopping meeting the needs of its customers.

iBoysoft supports all the file types and has the capability to recover lost data no matter what the reasons were. Well, that’s how we perceive iBoysoft data recovery software. If any of you have ever used this software, so share your experience. It will really help our readers.

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