Robot Lawn Mower: Benefits and Other Facts You Need to Know

Robot Lawn Mower

If you love mowing your lawn monthly, good for you. But do you sometimes wish to spend your time doing something else instead of running a mower?

Getting your hands off a traditional lawn mower is possible with a robot lawn mower. This autonomous machine helps make residential lawn care a breeze. It is powered by batteries which can do the trimming for hours. In terms of operation, it works like a robot vacuum designed to trim grasses instead of cleaning the floor.

What is a Robotic Lawn Mower?

An electric robot lawn mower is a machine that replaces traditional lawn mowers. It makes regular grass trimming easier without needing your constant intervention. If you haven’t seen one yet, why not look here?


All you need is to place a guide wire, and the device will trim the grass inside the boundaries. This low-voltage wire sends a signal to the mower telling the device not to go beyond the line. When the machine runs out of battery, it will return to its docking station to recharge and return to the spot it left off. Once it finishes cutting grasses, it will go back to the docking station to charge the batteries.

Unlike a robot vacuum, a robot lawn mower doesn’t follow a regular pattern. It runs randomly for hours over the same spot until it cuts all the grasses.

The future of automatic lawn mowers is bright. While they are commonly used by homeowners right now, many companies consider designing models that are fit for industrial use. At present, only a few brands cater for commercial use that can trim a big lawn.

Why Use a Robotic Lawn Mower?

Why Use a Robotic Lawn Mower

Aside from giving you free time which you can use to pamper yourself or spend quality time with the family, using a robotic lawn mower offers other benefits. Some of them are the following:

It Makes Your Lawn Look Better and Healthier

If you want to maintain a handsome-looking lawn all year round, an automatic lawn mower like Husqvarna EPOS can help you achieve that. It’s not only effective in trimming the grass- it actually makes it look vibrant.

A robot lawn mower is a mulching mower that cuts the grass into fine clippings. Then it scatters the clippings, which wither and become a natural fertilizer over time. Practicing organic lawn care is possible by using this machine.

Finely chopped cuttings don’t spoil the look of your garden. You don’t have to rake them and throw them away. No one will ever notice them. It helps make your lawn look freshly cut all the time.

It’s Safer to Use

Not everyone can use a traditional lawn mower. It has metal blades which can cause accidents when the machine behaves erratically, or you become careless. Using it needs a high degree of experience and care to avoid causing injury to yourself, other people, pets, and plants. There are reported cases of accidents caused by operating this machine.

In contrast, a robot lawn mower has tiny blades which are enclosed under the mower. This design prevents the machine from expelling debris to unsuspecting people, especially kids. You can run the device when no one is around.

When not in use, the bot stays in its dock. It needs a passcode to prevent kids or unauthorized users from turning it on. This feature makes the unit useless to thieves, giving you peace of mind that no one will steal it.

Low Maintenance

Robot lawn mowers only require minimal servicing and maintenance procedures than their conventional counterparts. It has fewer parts that rarely malfunction, so you don’t have to spend time and money fixing them.

However, to keep the machine in good condition for a long time, you have to do only three steps: cleaning, replacing the battery and blades, and proper storage.

To clean it, use a brush to remove the clippings at the bottom of the machine. Wipe the device before storing it in a dry room during winter. In terms of parts replacement, it depends on the brand when or how you’re going to do it. You may refer to the product manual for more details.


Robot lawn mowers don’t emit gasses and harmful toxins which makes them more environmentally friendly. The majority of these machines use lithium-ion batteries that are charged with electricity. Electricity derives from renewable sources, unlike gasoline.

In addition, a robotic lawn mower only consumes 35 watts of power, which is almost the same as a domestic light bulb. It’s unlikely that you will see a significant spike in your electric bill when you use this device.

Avoid Hay Fever

If you have grass allergies or hay fever, keeping the grass short all the time can help relieve the symptoms. Although your allergies might still flare up after cutting the grass, you will see significant improvement on the rest of the days.

Regularly trimming down the grass prevents allergens from multiplying faster which mitigates your symptoms. Since you don’t have to remove the clippings after mowing it, you are not getting in contact with the cause of your allergy. It might not solve your health problems entirely but at least it can lessen its frequency.

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