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20+ Formal and Funny Ways to Say I love you (Cool Ideas)

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Express love feelings by using alternative romantic ways looks cool and swaggy at the same time. These alternative but romantic ways to say are funny and useful.

Creative Funny ways to say I love you

1) I Love You, Buttercup.

You can say this when you want to show your love in a funny way. You can also add any other word like a cupcake, my better half after saying I love you.

2) I Love You More Than Chocolates.

Mostly everyone loves chocolates. Saying someone that you love them more than chocolates shows that you love them more than anything.

Funny ways to say I love you

3) Sharing Fries Is a Sin. Still, I Share Them With You, That’s My Love For You.

Fries are a lifeline. And sharing them is a sin. If you say this to someone, this can express your love and make it looks funny.

4) You Are My Panda, And I Love Pandas.

Pandas are adorable, and everyone loves them. So, if you express your love by calling someone panda makes it funny and delectable.

5) I think I Should Adopt You For Good.

Adopting someone means that you can take care of them for the rest of your life. This shows your concern and love about them.

6) I Have Hella Feelings For You.

You can say this to make you’re typical. I love you looks funny. This also shows your desire and feelings for someone you love at a high level.

Funny ways to say I love you

7) Loving, You Is Like Breathing, I Can’t Stop.

This clearly shows someone’s worth in your life. You can only stop breathing when you die. This means that you are giving them a sign that you are going to love them till your last breath.

8) Are You a Flower, Because I Feel Butterflies In My Stomach When I See You?

Butterflies attracted towards flowers for nectar, which means that you drew towards the other person for love. This shows your fondness for someone in a funny way. Saying this makes them happy and delightful.

Romantic ways to say I Love You or to Express your love

9) You Are My Lifeline.

Calling someone’s lifeline is not a small thing. This simply shows how much you love. This can express your feelings about them clearly.

10) You Made Me a Better Person; I Love You So Much.

Some so many people made you a better person. You can say this to that person who made you a better human being. This shows your love and your respectable feelings about them.

11) My Days Starts With You And Ends With You.

You can say this to express your feelings and your love for someone special in your life. This means that they are in your mind all the time.

Romantic ways to say I Love You

12) I Love You So Much, Honey.

Calling someone honey, beautiful, princess shows how important they are for you. You can say that to someone you love so much.

13) I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.

It’s not in your hands to fall for someone. It’s all about your feelings and your attraction towards them. Saying this to someone shows their worth in your life.

14) You Make My Heart Happy.

You can this to make others feel happy and satisfied. This expresses your love for them in a sweet way.

15) You Are Perfect To Me Completely.

You can this to express your love for someone. To show them that they made you feel complete and they are your better half. You are nothing without them. This shows your love for them in a sweet way.

Romantic ways to say I Love You

Funny Things To do In Love

16) A Speaking Toy That Says ‘I Love You’

Present a toy to your partner that says I love you when they open the box. They will like that idea, and you don’t know they may say, “O so sweet, my love.”

17) Write ‘I Love You’ On The Mirror Through Her Lipstick

If you are a boy, pick the most loving lipstick of your girlfriend and write your feelings in big words on a wall or mirror. Once she sees that, she will show a little bit of anger, but later you both will be a laugh on that idea.

18) Play a Loud Music On Repeat

When your partner takes a nap, play loud music in the room. They will wake up and say to her good morning, “I love you, babes.”

19) Write On Her Face When They Are Sleeping.

Take a marker and write your feeling on her cheek or forehead. If you write from a permanent marker, it will take a few days to remove, and you can enjoy this fun way for a few days.

20) Cut Her Dress In a Heart Shape

Take scissors and cut her dress from back in a heart shape. That is the most exciting way to express your love. If you do that with her new dress, this is going to be the craziest thing.

Romantic Things To Do To Express Love

Here are some romantic ways to express your love feelings.

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21) ‘I Love You’ Necklace

Present her a drink and put the necklace in the glass. Make sure the chain will not go inside her mouth. You can also ask him to close his eyes, and when she closes her eyes, wear him a necklace. There are many other similar things which you can do to express love as you can give him a ring in the same style.

22) A Romantic Room

Decorate the room with candles, and on bed draw the heart shape with flower petals. Your partner will like this way to express love.

Romantic ways to say I Love You

23)  Heart-Shaped Fireworks

Take your partner to the garden at night time and give the job to your friend to start the fireworks at the right time. If you are saying the first time ‘I love’ to your partner, then nothing is better than this idea. Suppose how much romantic it will be, the heart shape in the sky, and you are expressing your feelings.

24) Dinner To Express Your Love

Take to her for dinner in a romantic place; seaside is the best place for that. It is the positive thing you both will be in a happy mood. It will be the perfect time for you’re to express the love feeling.

25) Dedicate Love Lines

Dedicate love lines to your partner through private message. It may also be a famous love quote or a romantic movie dialogue. It is the most common way to say I love you.

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26) Develop a Romantic Environment

Take your partner to the long drive and play romantic music in a car. You can also go on a beach or in the mountains, make her feel something passionate and unique is going to happen. Selecting the right time for the outing is essential. Evening time is perfect for love. Once you create that environment, it’s time to express your feelings.

ways to say i love you

27) Impress Your Partner By Doing Cool Stuff

You can do the things which you never did before when you are with your partner. You can do a nice haircut, wear a tee-shirt which your partner likes the most. Do something unique that impress your partner. Once you notice your partner is in a happy mood, then it’s time to express your feelings.

28) Help Him In Work

Help your friend in any job, realize her how caring and loving you are. If she or he is your classmate and you have some feeling for her just help him in his homework or in creating notes. Once you realize your friend never say no to you, then express your sympathy to her. Also read this blog.

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