Rules For Choosing the Perfect Women’s Pocket Tees and How to Care for the Tees

Getting a t-shirt may seem tiresome considering some tees are lousy quality, see-through, and are made from uncomfortable materials. However, t-shirts are flexible and accessible clothing that comes in various types and are essential for you. 

How can you know the perfect pocket t-shirt for you? Here are the basic rules for selecting the women’s styling ideal t-shirt for you and how to care for the tees.

Rules for Choosing the Perfect Women’s Pocket Tees for You

1. Check the Occasion

When choosing the type of t-shirt to purchase, consider when and where you’ll be wearing it. A work function or school function isn’t usually the right occasion for a casual tee.

Although, a women’s long sleeve pocket t-shirt and an unstructured blazer can work for low-key or more intimate events like an after-work event or dinners out.

2. Go for Fit

People usually mistake “fit” to mean “fitted,” whereas it’s how well a t-shirt fits you. A t-shirt fits you well when it fits the curve of your body, flattering your figure while keeping you comfortable. Consider visiting to find t-shirts that are comfortable, durable, and come at a reasonable price.

 To check a t-shirt’s fitting, look out for how it fits closely around your waist and chest without tightness. Also, the perfect tee shouldn’t reveal your abdomen when your arms are raised; at the same time, it shouldn’t fall well under your waistline.

3. Accessories

T-shirts are easy to wear with minimal styling. However, some occasions require some additions to the classic t-shirt. 

Necklaces, watches, or bracelets that match one or two colors on the pocket tee can help style the outfit. If you want to class it up a little more, you can wear white high-top sneakers and a structured blazer. 

4. Check the Fabric

The perfect t-shirts use topnotch materials that can last; the label on a t-shirt says a lot about the tee. To get a sense of the tee’s quality, look into the thread count.

How to Care For Women’s Pocket Tees

1. Wash Less

The “less is more” rule comes in handy in caring for your t-shirt. Whether it’s an oversized pocket tee women’s or a fitting long sleeve tee, it’s advisable to wash the 100% cotton tee only when necessary to extend its lifespan and durability. 

Although 100% cotton is robust, frequent washing stresses its natural fibers leading to faster aging of the t-shirt. Rather than washing after every wear (on habit), it’d help if you washed on actual need (for instance, when dirty). 

It’s not unhygienic to wash only when necessary; washing when needed contributes to a good relationship with the environment.

2. Wash Cold

100% cotton tees aren’t heat-friendly and can shrink if washed too hot. Since detergents function best in higher temperatures, it’s essential to discover the perfect balance between effective cleaning and washing temperature. 

Usually, darker colored t-shirts are washed completely cold, while white t-shirts are washed at 30 to 40 degrees. Washing your white tees at 30 or 40 degrees reduces unwanted colorization and enables a lasting fresh look on your t-shirt.

3. Wash Similar Colours Together

To maintain the crispy look of your t-shirt, wash brighter colors together. Washing light colors together reduces the risk of getting a white t-shirt colored by another garment. You can optimize your washing results by sorting your laundry based on the fabric type.

4. Wash and Dry Your T-shirts Inside Out

Washing a t-shirt everted makes the inevitable abrasion occur on the shirt’s inner side while the outer part isn’t affected. Thus, reducing the risk of natural cotton pilling and unwanted fuzziness.

Furthermore, dry t-shirts inside out for potential fading on the garment’s inner side, thereby leaving the outer surface untouched.

5. Iron on Reverse

The fabric of a t-shirt determines whether or not it needs ironing. For instance, cotton is more or less liable to creasing and wrinkles. 

Nevertheless, properly handling your t-shirt when removing them from the washing machine can minimize creasing, and you can gently snake or stretch each garment to straighten it. 

Apply caution around shoulders and necklines: don’t stretch them too much to avoid making the t-shirt lose shape. It’s best to look at the garment care label if a t-shirt needs ironing to know the safe temperature setting. 

More dots on the iron symbol in the garment care label means more heat usage. On average, a t-shirt can undergo ironing at medium heat. We recommend you use the iron’s steam function and iron on reverse when ironing your t-shirt. 

The fabric of an Arlo Blue tee is super soft and most likely will not need ironing if you stretch them gently before drying.

6. Store Your Pocket Tees Properly

Preferably, women’s pocket tees should be folded and stored lying on a flat surface. If you’d rather hang your t-shirt, use wide hangers for even distribution of the t-shirt’s weight. 

Also, to avoid overstretching the neckline, insert the hanger from underneath the tee. Furthermore, during storage, avoid sunlight to prevent fading of color.

7. Treat Stains Urgently

When your t-shirt gets a stain, the first rule is to treat the color right away. Natural materials like cotton absorb liquids like red wine quickly, so the faster you treat the stain, the easier it gets out of the fabric ultimately. 

There’s no general stain removal product or universal detergent that ideally removes all kinds of substances. Research shows that the more efficient a stain remover is, the more aggressive it is to the garment’s color. 

We recommend first rinse the stain with warm water, then use soap or mild detergent to wash. A commercial stain remover can remove persistent stains but avoid using bleach solutions for colored cotton t-shirts.


If you love wearing great quality t-shirts, you can get a women dress with a front pocket from Arlo Blue tee. You’ll always look and feel your best with an Arlo Blue tee made from comfortable, breathable materials. 

When finding the perfect tee, check the occasion, go for fit, accessorize, and check the nature of the fabric. Lastly, while caring for your pocket t-shirt, always remember the “less is more” rule.

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