Sales Team Management to Ensure Reps Visit Assigned Customers

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Sales team visits management is essential to guarantee reps are visiting assigned customers and generating revenue for the business. If reps report on customer visits but do not actually complete them, there is a net loss as resources are wasted, and management is misled. Mobile apps can help you track the visits of sales reps for better management.

Managing your sales reps through their phones for reporting and visit authentication can also increase their mobility, as reps will not have to report to the office. A field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ can help you manage your sales team from a phone to ensure assigned clients are being visited properly.

How to Manage Sales Team Visits to Make Sure They Visit Assigned Customers

Potential prospects who have a chance to convert should be nurtured, and missing out on visits can hurt your revenue. The sales team can be monitored to ensure they make visits in the following ways:

Track Check-ins

SalesQ allows you to use geo-fencing technology to verify sales visits. A perimeter is set around the location of assigned prospects, and sales reps can only provide check-in reports from assigned locations. This helps you verify that sales reps are actually making visits instead of just relying on the testimonials of the sales reps themselves. The authenticity of sales reports is enhanced through this technique, helping you make better projections.

See Visit Details

Sales team visits management requires you to take a look at the times visits were made, who visited which customer, what was ordered, and the outcome of the visit. Re-scheduled visits and follow-ups should also be checked to keep an eye on the visits of the sales team. This helps you to understand their progress, and make new visits plans. No-code mobile apps by CloudApper can help in this aspect of managing sales teams.

Measure Targets

The visits of sales reps should be tracked through a field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ that lets you access dashboards that give complete reports on how many customers the reps have individually visited and how many orders have been delivered. This allows you to have an acid test of the performance of the reps and lets you tweak their performance, if necessary, by providing training.

Share Guidance

The visit management process for sales teams requires them to be constantly nudged for better performance and increased revenue. Sales managers can find this difficult if they are not present in the field. However, managing reps through a mobile app can help you send guidance that can be accessed by the whole team, so they can perform better. Training modules can also be attached so reps can improve performance.

Get Daily Updates

CloudApper SalesQ allows you to receive daily updates from sales reps at the end of the day, where they detail what they achieved, and rate how satisfied they are with themselves. This can help both you and the reps understand their sales performance, which compels them to perform better. Based on updates, you can also send special instructions, or assign reps to different products to increase their sales performance.


CloudApper SalesQ allows you to manage the visits of sales reps for better sales performance and revenue generation. The mobile module can be installed onto the phones of sales reps and can be managed through a web app, enabling mobile operations. Sign up now to enjoy a 14-day free trial.

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