Selling your music online through a music distributor

Selling your music online through a music distributor

A musical distributor makes it possible for music makers and creators to sell their music online easily. This means that with a music distributor, you can simply get your music to over 150 music stores/streaming platforms plus over a million music consumers.

There are many music distributors like MusicDigi that help artists sell their music online easily. Most music distributors have a long list of partners that help circulate music all over the globe.

How a music distributor help artists circulate their music worldwide

A distributor uses an online music distribution platform to get artists music on numerous streaming platforms and stores. They can help you get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon, TikTokkk, Deezer, and more. They help artists publish their music on these platforms. This means that they can easily upload their music on iTunes, Spotify, Tik Tok, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, and hundreds of other platforms.

Selling your music through a music distributor – Easy steps

A music distributor acts as a connection between the music makers and the consumers. They sign up artists for a music distribution deal whereby they help circulate the music globally to millions of consumers. They usually help the artists with all promotion and marketing activities. This means that they use their industry connection to distribute the music to millions of users worldwide. To help artists, music distributors have simplified the process of selling music in these short steps:

1). Get your music uploaded online: A music distributor creates an easy online platform where artists can easily upload their music tracks. To do this, they will need to sign up first. Once this is done, they will need to pay the minimal agreement fee. After payment of the fee, they are expected to create an account with the music distribution platform. Soon as the account has been created, the next up is to upload the tracks and cover art.

2). The music distributor uploads the music online: The music distributor uses an online music distribution platform to help artists get their music circulated worldwide. This means as soon as they have uploaded their music, album cover, and so on, the distributor will then deliver their music track(s) to iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and so on. These platforms have millions of subscribers looking for new music every day. This means that your music track(s) will now be available to millions of consumers from all across the world.

3). Receive your payments: With your music available for millions of users, they will be able to access the music for a fee. They can easily stream or download your music and pay a fee for each track. As they download or stream the music track(s), the artist (the music owner/creator) gets paid per track. They are paid for every streamed and downloaded track.

Benefits of using a music distributor for online music distribution

When artists make use of an online music distributor, they can get the following benefits:

1). Dedicated support: They get full support from the distributors.

2). Detailed report: They get real-time music sales report that allows them to track their music sales worldwide.

3). Stay in total control: Artists get to keep 100% of their music.

4). Global music distribution: With your music playing on over 150 major music sharing platforms, you will distribute your music all the world.

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