Serverwala Review – The Best Provider of Dedicated Server Hosting USA

Serverwala Review - The Best Provider of Dedicated Server Hosting USA


A dedicated server USA provides the hosting platform where the hosting provider lends you the entire physical server. You will have the exclusive right to utilize the entire server for your hosting requirements. With the dedicated server hosting in the USA, your site will also receive the dedicated resources that will solely work for it. You need to make sure to buy a best dedicated server hosting USA from a reliable and renowned hosting company that can render you the apt kind of services to handle, maintain and secure it. Here you will have insights about one such hosting company known by the name of Serverwala, which offers the Best Dedicated Server USA along with the most competent facilities. However, before you know more about the company, let us address the need for the US dedicated server.

Why do you Need the Dedicated Server Hosting USA?

Why do you Need the Dedicated Server Hosting USA

A dedicated server USA configuration is highly capable of matching the requirements of your web business. It is one of the advanced computing platforms that helps to meet the operating procedures. You can scale the web resources easily and quickly on your US dedicated server according to the needs. With the dedicated server in the USA, you will have easy access to data storage and processors that are essential to maintain and control the computing load. It serves as the best, economical option for advancing your online-based work and competing at the forefront of the web market. The USA-based dedicated server hosting overcomes all the limitations of the shared server hosting and the virtual private server hosting. Here are some principal features that help the USA Based dedicated server hosting to overshadow many other hosting services –

Higher security

The USA-based dedicated server is a kind of infrastructure where you get to own the entire server and not just the space on the server. You do not require to share the server space with potentially hundreds of other users, unlike in shared server, cloud server and virtual server hostings. No other user can interfere or intervene in your server and website’s operations, which will reduce the risk of data loss, infiltration and interception. Therefore the US dedicated server provides you with higher security and safety. Additionally, you also get the opportunity to add any number of defence layers to your server and website as required to protect your data from any kind of security threats.

Authority and Customization 

With the dedicated server in USA, you get the possibility to customize the hardware as per your specification requirements. You can have more random access memory, hard disk space, faster central processing unit, etc. You will have to just let your hosting provider know about your needs for the web resources, and your server will be upgraded to accommodate your web business necessities. The  dedicated server USA renders the high scalability. Moreover, you will have more control over your server as you can get the root access. Hence, if you wish, you can configure your server, add whichever operating system you think will suit the best to your web business and install any applications required.

Unique IP address

With the dedicated server in US, your website will acquire the unique IP address. That means your website can also achieve better SEO, and the Ranking will not get affected by the functioning of other websites in any way. It will be able to perform better and create a unique identity over the web.


The dedicated server USA is the most cost-effective hosting option as it returns the best value for money, especially in the long-run cases. Although you may find many hosting services that are cheaper in rates, the facilities and privileges offered by the dedicated server hosting in the USA are worth all the costs. You will have much more accessibility, resources, network uptime, flexibility, security and reliability with the us based dedicated server hosting. The dedicated server providers USA will take responsibility for handling everything from managing the network to supplying and sustaining the server hardware as you rent the server from the hosting provider.

Now that you have known enough about the benefits of the us dedicated server hosting and how efficiently it can support your web business, let’s move on further to know about one of the best-known dedicated server providers USA – Serverwala, in the subsequent section.

The Best US Dedicated Server Provider 

Serverwala has been acquiring various awards of recognition for accomplishing its commitment of rendering the best-dedicated server USA all over the world. It is the leading hosting company, renowned among the most influential organizations of the Corporate World. It provides the following features along with the cheap dedicated server hosting USA – 

  • Hardware RAID

The Serverwala bare metal cheap dedicated server in USA supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10. 

  • Premium Bandwidth

With the cheap dedicated servers USA, you will also acquire the fastest network with 100 Mb/s to GBPS bandwidth.

  • Private VLAN Subnets

You will be able to create private server clusters using the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets with your Best dedicated server hosting USA.

  • Robust Network

All the Serverwala data centers render the network connectivity combined among the multiple Internet Exchanges, including Extreme-IX – Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, NIXI, from industry-leading service providers.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

With the bare metal dedicated server USA, you can have one IPv4 and IPv6 address and further buy more IPs at additional affordable rates. 

  • Service Level Agreement

The Serverwala guarantees a 100% uptime guarantee and an increasing visitors ratio.

Why Choose Serverwala to Buy a USA Based Dedicated Server?

Why Choose Serverwala to Buy a USA Based Dedicated Server

Serverwala offers a wide range of best dedicated servers in USA plans and packages. They come up with flexibility, and you can customize them according to your web business needs. They are also easily scalable. The company renders 24/7 technical and customer support through its team of certified and trained professionals. You can connect with professionals to have expert solutions to your server issues and also, to resolve your queries. Further, you can have fully managed cheap dedicated servers in the USA from the Serverwala Company if you do not possess the technical expertise to handle the dedicated server USA or do not have time to do that.


The best dedicated server hosting USA serves as an ideal hosting option for many different applications due to its flexibility and robust features. You can utilize a dedicated server in US for running a web hosting environment for your website, database storage and access, custom virtualization setups, VPNs, email servers, and much more. To buy a dedicated server USA at cheaper rates with high-class facilities and the best hosting services, you know whom to ping – Serverwala.

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