Seven Cancer Prevention Secrets Most People Ignore

Seven Cancer Prevention Secrets Most People Ignore

Cancer has worried people worldwide for a long time because it is considered one of the most deadly diseases. By 2040, cancer cases will have risen to 29.5 million every year. On the other hand, cancer-related deaths are expected to reach 16.4 million. However, controlling these alarming statistics is possible if everyone takes a few precautionary measures. A few tips and tricks will help you stay on track and avoid life-threatening diseases like cancer for sure. Want to know how you can combat cancer? This blog covers seven cancer prevention secrets that most people ignore. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Avoid Industrial Sites

Chemicals are the trigger for cancer in the majority of cases. Benzene, arsenic, vinyl chloride, beryllium, and asbestos are a few chemicals to name. Unnecessary or extensive exposure to industrial areas might lead to cancer. For instance, exposure to asbestos leads to mesothelioma, a type of cancer that develops on the outer layer of organs. (You can learn about mesothelioma and its treatment here.)

Exercise Regularly and Gain Healthy Weight

Obesity is the main cause of various types of cancer; breast, colon, prostate, and lung cancer to be the common ones. Maintaining a healthy weight will help you prevent cancer—a healthy weight backed by exercise results in a stronger barrier against cancer occurrence. A 150-aerobic weekly can help you prevent cancer. Experts recommend a 30-minute moderate workout thrice a week for people with cancer.


Eat Right, Drink Right

Keeping a healthy diet your entire life is the ideal way to reduce the chances of cancer. Cancer Research UK reveals that healthier diets could prevent cancer in at least one out of 20 individuals. What would a healthy diet look like? Limit sugars and solid fats, and include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Keep a moderate portion for red and processed meats, and most importantly, stay away from supplements.

Drink in moderation too. Alcohol consumption in a controlled manner is not harmful. Instead of going for rounds of drinks, one drink in a day or two is ideal.

Stay Safe from UV Rays

Unknowingly, we all step into harmful sun rays almost daily, but do you know UV rays can cause skin cancer. Too much sun exposure can be lethal for humans. How can you avoid the sun? Well, stay in the shade between peak hours (10 am to 4 pm). Apply broad-spectrum SPF sunscreens, especially on the exposed body parts. Reapply generously every two hours for better protection. Are you thinking about tanning beds or sunlamps now? Don’t because they are equally harmful.

Sleep Well

Research states that sleep time, quality, duration, circadian rhythms, and sleep disorders profoundly impact cancer. It all somehow boils down to a sound sleep cycle. Although there is a lack of research on the subject, loss of sleep can cause obesity and eating disorders. Both of these are causes of cancer, so it is better to sustain a healthy sleep cycle along with a good diet and exercise.

Get Vaccinated

Several viral infections result in cancer too. For instance, Hepatitis B increases the chances of having liver cancer, whereas the human papillomavirus (HPV) causes genital cancers. Henceforth, get vaccinated before it gets too late.

Practice Healthy Behavior

It is not just about maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. Certain activities also expose you to cancer-causing viral infections. For example, practice safer sex to prevent genital cancers. According to WHO, approximately one million STDs are acquired each year, and the majority of the cases are asymptomatic. Therefore, the chances of fatal diseases like cancer increase.

On the other hand, people who use intravenous drugs are likely to exchange needles, yet another cancer-causing behavior. Acquiring HIV, Hepatitis B, or C is easy if you do not take precautionary measures with needles. Ultimately, the chances of liver cancer increase.

Get Regular Checkups

Stay in touch with your doctor at all times and get regular checkups. Tests, scans, x-rays, etc., will help you stay updated on how your body is doing. Suppose there’s any sign of tumor development. In that case, you can immediately take action, and simple surgery can help you avoid bigger steps like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Ask your doctor for the best cancer screening schedule.

Key Takeaways

Various everyday activities that seem unimportant sometimes become the reason for cancer development. Bad diet, no exercise, lack of sleep, excessive exposure to sun rays, and chemicals are a few reasons most people overlook. However, healthy eating and drinking habits, exercise, and a sound sleep cycle are a few preventive measures for cancer. Furthermore, one should also practice safer behavior like avoiding sharing needles. The chances of liver cancer will significantly increase. In a nutshell, you can prevent cancer with just a few preventive measures.

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