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In Asia, particularly in Southeast Asian nations like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, Sexy Gaming is a distinct and fascinating service. They specialize in entertaining live casino games that are offered by live dealers wearing sexy negligee and hot bikinis, giving players a totally unique gambling experience.

They are introducing this beautiful live casino to Singaporeans with their newest branch office located in Tampines, Singapore, and offering huge payouts in SGD. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, Sexy Gaming casino will undoubtedly be on your bucket list of trusted online casino Singapore to visit.

What is a Sexy Gaming Casino?

Sexy Gaming, commonly called AE Sexy, is a casino software developer and provider with an emphasis on live casino live dealer games. It was founded in 2016. As their name implies, the sexy croupier, who is clothed in a hot bikini, lingerie, or negligee, is their primary draw.

They quickly rose to prominence as a popular and in-demand developer in Thailand, where they maintain their roots, and their impact has since spread to Singapore, Malaysia, and the rest of Southeast Asia.

At the moment, they’ve got admirers in Hong Kong, New York, and other regions of America and Europe.

Their original and inventive style to live casino games is currently trending on social media in the iGaming industry. Due to their distinctive qualities, they were able to work with many major online casinos in Singapore, including Solarbet.

Live Casino Games in Sexy Gaming

With their selection of high-caliber card games and attractive dealers dressed in stunning bikinis and attire, Sexy Gaming offers the solution. Because of the dealers and generous payouts, these games have been keeping players busy throughout the Coronavirus outbreak as well as keeping them riveted to the screen.

Sexy Gaming’s lack of diversity in terms of games—live baccarat, live roulette, live sic bo, and dragon tiger—does not hinder their performance in the iGaming sector. There are now plans to include additional games, including blackjack, poker, and others.

Sexy Gaming Products

The products of Sexy Gaming are beyond expectations; they offer high-quality casino games and have a strong emphasis on Baccarat. In the future, they will expand their gaming portfolio. You can make the most of the Sexy Gaming experience at a reputable online casino in Singapore, which is Solarbet.


Baccarat is a game that many casino goers of any level of expertise enjoy playing. After all, it is a pretty popular casino game.

Seasoned game enthusiasts won’t be let down by Sexy Gaming because they are knowledgeable of how to do it. The gameplay and regulations of Sexy Baccarat are very similar to those standard baccarat.

The stakes and motifs that are available are what distinguish the Baccarat SA Gaming concept from others, in addition to the incredibly attractive and alluring dealer. The bikini-clad dealers are another major draw of this game, guaranteeing to raise your spirits while you play.

Dragon Tiger

Undoubtedly, you should anticipate seeing more Sexy Baccarat game action in Sexy Gaming. A highly prevalent baccarat variant called Sexy Dragon Tiger has been developed for players looking for an opportunity to challenge themselves a little more or try something new.

The gameplay of the game is incredibly rewarding when performed effectively, and it goes quickly. You are able to wager up to 200,000 and receive a maximum amount of 2,000,000 every withdrawal.

For those looking to try something new, the game comes highly recommended since it’s incredibly entertaining.


Without playing a roulette game, your gambling experience is incomplete. You’re in luck because Sexy Gaming has developed the most realistic roulette game you’ll ever find online. It has never been more enjoyable to place bets.

Sic Bo

The dice game Sic Bo is probably the most well-liked in the whole gambling industry. Sic bo is a simple yet exciting game offered by Sexy Gaming, ideal for players looking for enjoyment as well as opportunities to win money while having fun. Sic Bo by Sexy Gaming is unquestionably an activity that you should play for yourself!

Security and Safety

Sexy Baccarat has met the necessary financial criteria demanded by its comparable competitors in the business because security is always one of the players’ top issues. The website’s database is secured with a password and encryption is required.

Mobile Gaming

Sexy Gaming games are designed to be played on many platforms, even mobile ones. Their portable mobile apps include all the same features as the desktop/laptop counterpart and are available for Android as well as iOS devices.

Their mobile style is simple to navigate, with functional elements and legible typography for optimal readability. Additionally, the games are easily adaptable to various screen sizes and internet connection speeds. The innovative HTML5 technology that powers the games makes them quick, stable, and fluid.

Excellent Innovation

The Sexy Gaming casino uses top-notch media technology, such as multiple high-resolution recording devices, excellent sound recording technology, and a painstakingly built studio that resembles an authentic casino, to produce realistic gameplay and quick and consistent live game streaming across the clock.

The cashier system offers both basic and complex payment options, including bank transfer, debit/credit card, and others.

Customer Support

Similar to a trusted online casino Singapore, Sexy Gaming has a reputation for providing top-notch products and services, including excellent customer assistance. They are courteous and really helpful. If you want to learn how to play card games, their online casino even has guidelines provided!


Due to the reason that Sexy Gaming was founded and has its headquarters in Thailand, Thai is the primary language of the casino. But worry not, users from other countries can access the website and games in English.

The game may be adapted to the domestic Thai industry and the global market because the attractive dealers can communicate in both Thai and English. In addition, depending on the online casinos that Sexy Gaming is supplying its content to, the game interface has been translated into various languages.

The Entry Point for Sexy Gaming

Due to their attractive croupiers in enticing live casino rooms with top-notch gaming solutions, Sexy Gaming has grown to be an incredibly popular casino company. This software developer cultivates an original, never-before-seen approach for creating live casino content.

Looking for something hot and entertaining? Try Sexy Gaming at a trusted online casino Singapore today!

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