Shaping the future – OTT Trends in 2022

Since its inception, the OTT platform has experienced rapid growth. Content owners, distributors, and sponsors create an irresistible force that combines scalability with traditional pay-TV. Additionally, OTT apps can also broadcast content without the need for a cable box.

Traditional pay-reach TVs and power are combined in OTT apps. The internet’s adaptability generates an unstoppable force that has created opportunities for content creators, distributors, and marketers worldwide. This immersive platform is now attracting more attention than traditional watching habits.

With this steady expansion, there are several OTT platform trends to look out for. Keeping this in mind, in this article, we have listed five trends shaping the future of OTT in 2022!

OTT Trends in 2022 that are shaping the future

Artificial Intelligence Will Control OTT.

With 1.1 billion connected TV devices in use worldwide and projected revenue of $194 billion by 2025, it’s apparent that OTT and connected TV are the way of the future of television. Since people are consuming significantly more of their entertainment on internet-connected intelligent devices, we can obtain content and recommendations much more quickly.

Even before we decide what to watch, Artificial Intelligence is ready to assist us in making our viewing experience more enjoyable. AI-powered OTT platforms can recognize the type of screen you’re watching on as well as the speed of your internet connection, allowing the platform to adjust the video quality to fit the size of your screen and the speed of your connection.

The OTT Content Market Will Keep Growing

According to recent data from eMarketer, CTV advertising increased by 25% in 2020 alone. CTV advertising is delivered through internet-based OTT services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Roku. Furthermore, approximately 57% of digital advertisers plan to raise their spending in 2021.

Educational videos, vlogging, exercise programs, children’s shows, and live sports are among the most popular types of content available on OTT. As a result, OTT content distribution, such as live streaming and on-demand video, is becoming a more practical and appealing route for advertisers to achieve their marketing goals.

Live Streaming will grow in popularity in the future.

Even for live material, linear TV broadcasting is on its way out. Instead, consumers turn to social media and streaming sites to watch live OTT broadcasts. According to Fast Company, 1.3 million US homes might have terminated their traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions in 2020, while certain live streaming services would see a 300 percent increase in subscribers.

Advertisers have a lot of options with live OTT broadcasts. According to Socialinsider, these videos receive nearly twice as much attention on social media as pre-recorded ones. Given the growing popularity of streaming services, OTT platforms will see more advertisers looking for ways to reach their target audiences in the future.

As a result, more corporations are likely to invest in streaming platforms that offer live advertising chances in the future.

User Experience Will Become An Integral Aspect Of OTT

There will be even more competition amongst platforms in the future of the OTT business. With so many possibilities, providers will need to deliver large libraries of appealing material and clear, intuitive user interfaces. That means you can’t run an OTT business with a clumsy, difficult-to-use interface that fails to provide appropriate recommendations for what to watch.

If your user experience is subpar, you will have a tough time retaining clients in the future. This means that in the future, OTT platform developers will have to put their best foot forward to ensure that viewers have a terrific, hassle-free viewing experience.

Interactive advertisements will become the norm

Another essential benefit of devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs is interactive advertising. You can’t interact with a linear TV commercial, but you can interact with an OTT ad on your connected TV device! Advertisers will benefit even more from ad interactivity as the future brings more of our entertainment to these smart devices.

Companies like TheViewPoint have a track record of assisting CTV publishers in implementing a variety of innovative, highly engaging ad formats in their OTT media. Overlays (static branding over a picture-in-picture video, as seen on recent US Olympics broadcasts), image galleries, and carousels are a few examples of this.

Bottom Line

Ever since the pandemic took place, the surge in OTT increased by a factor of two. In the unlikely event of any similar scenarios, OTT streaming is the best answer, delivering us all of our favorite entertainment with greater ease and convenience than ever before.

If you’re in the business, now is the time to create your most important content and provide the best user experience possible. The competition will be fierce, but the benefits of highly effective advertising and unrivaled audience access will be more significant than ever!

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