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Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

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One question Chicago Garage Door often gets asked by customers is when should I repair or replace my garage door? And the answer any garage door expert will give is that repairing or replacing your garage door will depend on several factors.

Not all non-functional appliances require immediate replacement. With a little bit of care and some fine repairs, your garage door can be brand new again. After all, no homeowner wants to make unnecessary investments in their home when they can simply repair it.

So, let’s look at the different instances where you will need to repair or replace your garage door.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Here are several signs your garage door will require repair rather than a complete replacement.

Noises and Rattling

It doesn’t matter how old it is; every garage door should have a smooth and quiet operation. However, there are times when your door will experience wear and tear, which often results in unpleasant rattles and noises. Some of the typical noises you may hear your garage door make include:

  • Banging: if you hear your garage door make a banging sound, that’s an indication that it needs to have its panels replaced. It could also mean that you may have to return the door to its original position, as it may have moved a little.
  • Straining: If you happen to strain unusually when you close or open your garage door, then that’s an indication you need to replace your garage door motor.
  • Rattling: If your garage door has a rattling noise, you may tighten the loose bolts and nuts. Rattling could also indicate that you need to lubricate the metal moving parts of the door.
  • Squealing: This type of noise is an indication that your garage door has poor lubrication. But, if you lubricate the door’s moving parts and still hear a squealing noise, then it might be time to call a professional from fix quick garage doors Basingstoke.

Safety Sensor Issues

Your garage door safety sensors play a critical role in the door’s safety component. They help protect people, objects, and animals from the force the garage door produces when swinging backward. So, if your door isn’t closing correctly, that might be your safety sensor. This issue can arise from water damage to the power supply, and it requires a technician to fix it.

The issues above are but a few indications that your garage door requires repairs. And rather than replace it, you can call a garage door technician to come to fix them.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Now that you know when to repair your garage door; let’s look at instances that may require you to replace the door.

Constant Repair

There is nothing wrong with repairing your garage door once in a while, but when those repairs happen with an increased frequency, then there’s a huge problem. Constantly repairing your garage door can sometimes become a safety hazard.

So, if the number of repairs done to your garage door exceeds the price of a new one, then buying a new one would be the best option.

When Your Garage Door Delays to React

Delayed reactions can sometimes indicate that your garage door isn’t functioning as it should. And in some instances, repairing those issues may not solve this problem. So, replacing the door would be much better than repairing it.

Change in Appearance

Over time, your garage door imperfections and dents tend to start becoming more apparent. And no amount of paint can hide those imperfections. So, changing your garage door might be the thing you need to change your house’s curb appeal.

How Often Should Your Garage Door be Replaced?

Now that you know when you should repair and replace your garage door. The next step should be determining how often it should be replaced. Well, according to experts, garage doors can last over a decade when well maintained. The better the quality of a door, the longer it lasts.

So, go for garage doors that are well-made with durable materials. These materials should also include the door’s hardware and springs and just the overall build.

Also, your level of use does dictate how long the garage door lasts. Therefore, try to limit your garage door use to when you need to use it.

Garage door replacement and repairs are excellent choices to make when looking to improve your garage door. While the above list may not cover all garage door repair and replacement concerns, it does provide you with a place to start.

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