Sick at Odd Hours? After Hours Doctor Here for Your Rescue.

Getting sick is something everyone dreads but can’t avoid. Things can get worse if this happens after the normal working hours of doctors. But with many after-hours clinics in New Castle, things are a lot better. But finding the right after hours doctor in Newcastle isn’t an easy task.

This article talks about the things to consider to choose the best after-hours doctor in and around Newcastle.

What are the things to be considered to select the best after hours doctor in Newcastle?

Consider these points before selecting your after-hours doctor:

  • Experience of the doctor- The doctor who visits should be able to treat the ailments a patient has. He/ she should be competent enough to handle emergencies if necessary. One of the best ways to check the experience and expertise of an after-hours doctor is to check whether they are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority or AHPRA. Reputed after-hours clinics like 13 cure often mention these details clearly on their websites. 
  • Expected Time of Arrival- Booking for a home visit and then waiting for the doctor to turn up isn’t easy. Most after-hours clinics give patients an option to enquire about an estimated time of arrival. 

This feature allows patients or their relatives to decide whether to book or look for another doctor in case of emergencies. After-hours clinics often provide quicker responses, and they often prioritise emergencies. 

  • Doctor Triage- It is the process of quickly analysing a person’s condition to determine if they are safe to wait for the doctor’s arrival or if it is a case of emergency. 

Receptionists of these clinics will be trained to understand the severity of a patient’s condition. Some good clinics will also have a nurse or doctor to make sure that the patient is safe to wait longer and crosscheck the receptionist’s decision. These doctors and nurses can be consulted to take necessary steps in case of an emergency.

  • Duration of Consultations- After-hours doctors are usually people with little or no time on their hands. They treat patients fast and rush to their next patient. This is one of the reasons some patients are unhappy about the time they get to spend with their doctor. In order to get a consultation that is lengthier than a conventional one, patients should inform this matter beforehand so that the doctor can have a talk with you over the phone to know about a patient’s medical history. However, it is to be noted that for lengthier consultations, the patients often have to wait for more.
  • Continuity of Care- Reputed after-hours clinics offer continued care after a consultation. These clinics forward the patient’s report to the patient’s general practitioner. The report will contain information about the treatments done, drugs administered, and results of tests taken. This is an essential feature as this will help the patient’s GP and also helps the patient from additional charges of taking tests again.
  • Medications- Most of the after-hours doctors carry medications with them. But some reputable after-hours clinics offer a larger range of medications. This will help patients or relatives from the trouble of finding a pharmacy at night.
  • Medicare Insurance Compatibility- While choosing after-hours clinics, choosing services that are Medicare compatible is always wise. In other words, a medicare or DVA card owner can get treated free of cost as their expenses will be covered by the insurance.
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