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SideTable Ideas for Your Home

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A side table is a functional piece of furniture for your home. You can use it as a side coffee table or your bedside table. Whether you use it in your living area or your bedroom, here are some excellent tips and ideas you can consider before buying a side table.

What are the uses of a side table?

You may think at first that side tables are only there to style a living room or complete the look of a bedroom. However, more than this aesthetic function, a side table actually has better uses.

1.    Use it as a coffee table.

In your living room, a side table can be used as a coffee table. Especially when you have a small living room and a small center table, you can use this as an additional space to serve your guests some coffee and snacks. It is also an excellent place for anyone sitting near the table to lay their purses, cellphone, keys, or any accessories without needing to reach out to the center table.

You can also use a side coffee table by your bedroom lounge chair or window couch.

2.    Use it for organization and storage.

If you have children around, you can choose a side table with storage for your living room. You can easily keep and organize things they typically use in your living area.

A side table can be an excellent place to put your lampshade and your books, magazines, or whatever you use for relaxing in your sitting area.

By your bedside, a side table can accommodate your lampshade and other decorations. It is also a convenient place to lay your mobile phone, book, and other accessories. In addition, drawers and shelves can give you more space to organize the things you need in your bedroom.

3.    Use it to style a space.

You can use a side table to fill up a small empty corner or space in your living room. While there are other ways to fill up a corner, such as using plants and corner seats, a side table can be more functional. You can get creative by decorating the top with a lamp, plant, picture frame, antique finds, or whatever you want to display. You can make use of it as additional storage for other items. Finally, a seat underneath or a nesting table option can give you extra seating or coffee table space when you have visitors.

How to choose a side table (side table ideas)

There are many side table ideas to choose from, but not everything pleasing you see is right for your room. Consider these tips and ideas:

1.    Decide where to put your side table.

Deciding where to put your side table can help you factor in the table’s shape, style, and material. Here are some ideas where you can set your side table:

Living area:

  • On the corner of two couches perpendicular to each other
  • In an empty corner
  • Beside a chaise lounge
  • Beside a corner couch
  • At one end of the sofa (2-seater or more)


  • On one bedside
  • On both bedsides
  • Beside a chaise lounge
  • In an empty corner
  • Beside a corner sofa

2.    Pick a suitable shape.

After deciding where to set your side table, you can choose the right shape. Most side tables are square, rectangular, or round. Square or rectangle side tables usually make the best bedside tables as they typically come with drawers for storage. They also match well with the form of the bed. For the living area, they also fit well in the corners between sofas.

A round table is great for your bedroom, especially when set beside a chaise lounge or a single couch. It can also work well in the empty corner of your living area or at the end of a long sofa. Finally, a circular side table is a perfect option if you want children-friendly furniture at home.

3.    Choose a suitable color.

Your furniture color can help set the appearance and the style of your home.

Light-colored furniture can make a room seem bigger, so a white side table can be a great option if you have a small bedroom or living area. White, cracked paint also looks excellent in a vintage-style house.

Darker colors are great for bigger rooms. Dark colors are also great for classic, traditional home styles.

4.    Decide on a side table type.

Side tables can come in many forms. The most common ones are the following:

  • Plain side table
  • Side table with storage drawers
  • Side table with shelf
  • Side table with a drawer and a shelf
  • Nesting side table

5.    Choose the ideal material.

When you have already picked the suitable shape, color, and type of side table for your living area or bedroom, you also need to consider the furniture’s material. Choose one that matches the style and theme of your home. For instance, a wooden side table with angular metal legs would be ideal for an industrial homestyle. On the other hand, a native rattan side table would also look great in a home with a tropical vibe.

Choosing a side table may not be the most significant furniture decision you have to make. Still, it can add functionality and flair to your living area and bedroom. In addition, it can significantly help build the style you want to set at home.

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