Signing Contracts Online: A Quick Guide

Nowadays, many businesses prefer to use electronic signatures instead of traditional paper contracts. You only need one software application if you want to have contracts signed online fast and efficiently.

There are many more advantages to adopting online contract signing, such as faster turnaround times, the ability to follow signing progress, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and much more.

Also, it’s essential for companies to understand the practical realities of implementing this new technology in their daily processes (for example, if you intend to use AI in your legal processes, it is crucial to understand it completely).

Why is it necessary for businesses to move toward signing contracts online? How can a contract be signed online? And related topics will be discussed.

Online Contract Signing with Wondershare SignX

Wondershare SignX. It is explained in the sections that follow how to sign a document, how to transmit it to multiple signatories, and how to submit a document in bulk so that many individuals can sign independently.

Once you’ve signed up for an account on the SignX website, you may begin using the tool. There are a number of options available to you after that.

Sign Online Contracts with an Electronic Signatures

Please click the link or button provided in the email if you are asked to sign a document. A electronic signature creation page will open where you can choose from one of the following options:

  1. It is possible to upload and use a digital signature stored on your computer.
  2. When you input your signature, your name will appear in a handwritten font with a curly cursive signature style.
  3. In the supplied field, you may digitally sign your name with a mouse.

Once the signature has been produced or uploaded, just click on the relevant area in the document to add it to the file. You may then press the Submit button to send the paper.

Send a Document to a Third Party for Online Contract Signing

  1. Click on the Start Document Signing button in your SignX account’s Documents area once you’ve logged in successfully.
  2. To add a contract, agreement, or other document file, click Upload Document in the program’s File menu.
  3. If you have a premium account, you can enter an access code after seeing the document’s first page. To further secure the document, you may provide the signer a different access code that they can use to open and sign it.
  4. Signers’ email addresses will be the next step. There are two ways to achieve this: either manually or by importing a CSV. The order in which signatures are gathered may be customised, as can the order in which you are listed as a signer.
  5. Next, determine if the email’s subject line and text may need any tweaking or personalization. Premium users have the option to include a corporate logo or other type of branding. In order to proceed, click Next when you’re ready.
  6. Please accept the terms of service and click Continue. Drag and drop the appropriate fields for each signer on the next page. After selecting the first signer from the left panel, you may move on to the next signer and complete the process in the same manner. Click the Send for Signature button when you’ve finished your work.

In the event when a single document requires the signatures of several signers, the method outlined above might be employed. Your signatures may be collected in a logical order without everyone having to wait for their turn, thanks to the signing order.

When one signer has completed their signature, the next one in the sequence will receive an email requesting their signature.

The next section explains how to send several signature requests at once. If a single document has to be signed by several persons, but not all at the same time, this approach can be utilised.

Send Signature Requested Documents and Forms in Bulk

As with the prior step, the ‘bulk transmit’ procedure is straightforward. Because each duplicate of the document just needs one signature, there is no need for a specific signing sequence.

How Can Wondershare SignX Help You?

There are several advantages to using Wondershare SignX, some of which are listed below:

  1. A quick and easy approach to get legally binding signatures.
  2. Sending papers for signatures to numerous people at once is a simple operation.
  3. Contracts may be customised to incorporate your company’s logo and other branding aspects.
  4. An easy-to-use dashboard that provides real-time status updates and tracking of digital signature status for all your papers. In a single interface, you can see how many people have signed and how many are waiting; you can also see how many papers you have to sign.
  5. You and other stakeholders will save a lot of time if you communicate with them via email and get them to sign online agreements.
  6. Save money by removing the need to send several copies of a document through postal service or courier.
  7. Aim for a timely start of all initiatives by having contracts signed immediately.
  8. Signers can use any computer to append their signature and submit the document on time, even if they are absent from the office due to illness or another cause.
  9. Once you’ve set up a system for tracking and reminding people to digitally sign contracts and other important papers, you’ll be well on your way to making money.

In Last

Because of this, free electronic signature program or any document is a better option than relying on antiquated tools and methodologies. Consequently, Using the Free Trial, you may see for yourself how much more productive and efficient you can be practically instantly.

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