Signs you Might be on an Emotional Leash

Signs you Might be on an Emotional Leash

Relationships can be a match-made-in-heaven, or hell, depending on who you get matched with. It is not always one’s fault they didn’t see it coming. Finding someone fitting blinds us to all forms of inequalities, including being loved through and through. If you find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster with your partner, you might be on a leash. This leash, or yoke, keeps you coming back for more loving, even when it’s unhealthy.

Finding Love: Emotional Challenges

Thus, being in love may not turn out to be as expected. It can lead to downtrodden times and particularly emotional abuse. Find and sift through a few reviews of hookup sites to understand where like-minded people exist. Here, men and women flirt and engage each other for short, and long-term relationships. Be it reviews of hookup sites, or mutual friends, meeting like-minded people is a breeze. When you do, be sure to watch out for the signs and symptoms of possibly hazardous partnerships.


This new-age term refers to men, or women, leaving their partner unattended to, or not answering texts and calls. Texting between you and your crush was going well, till he suddenly stopped. It leaves you perturbed, perhaps confused about what you did, or didn’t do. Chances are that is his way of keeping you on a leash. When he returns, in texts and calls, you are relieved. He does not explain going quiet, and you don’t poke. This might happen over again, meaning he is taking you for a ride.


If one partner cheats, and you keep forgiving them, you are on an emotional leash. It is not love. If love is truly blind, you are the poster child. It means you don’t see their cheating ways, or choose to look the other way. This is a perfect example of love being blind, where everyone sees the mess you are in, except you. This form of emotional leash can be present in marriages too – leading to divorces.

Emotional Abuse

If your partner calls you names, insults you in private or public and you forgive them overnight, it is emotional abuse. It also implies a strong leash, one that is harder to release. Many times you won’t see it, but family members and friends will notice. You might get into fights regarding how you feel about their meddling. However, if everyone around you points out the abuse, it may be time to review the relationship. Other forms of emotional abuse include:

  • Complaints – when your partner constantly complains about stuff, or places blame on you, they could be abusing you emotionally. It is a form of abuse whereby one partner makes the other feel guilty about everything. The leash comes in when you simply agree to it all, taking the blame for everything they dump on you.
  • Self-esteem – making you feel worthless is the worst form of emotional abuse. If one has you on a leash, they will make you feel useless time and again, and when you get back up, they bring you down some more. Many marriages lead to depression and breakups due to this form of emotional abuse. When a mother has no control over her emotions, the family suffers too.
  • History – some partners bring up the past constantly as a form of control. Bringing up incidences of infidelity and lies from the past can be an emotional leash. This is followed by financial strain. Your partner might abuse you this way, knowing you will make things better by offering money. One’s history can repeat itself too if mentioned constantly, which leads to a rollercoaster of emotions.

Being on an emotional leash is something many experiences during their teenage years, but it can become a reality in adulthood. Identifying the signs can prove difficult, but the tips mentioned above can point you in the right direction.

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