Signs Your Furnace Is Calling For Help

Signs Your Furnace Is Calling For Help

Furnace issues can arise over time, and the sooner you get the problem, the better it is. Delaying repair only worsens the condition of your furnace, which makes repair more expensive. To avoid expensive repairs, you must get your furnace’s maintenance done regularly. When Winnipeg temperatures drop, rely on Abundant Air for furnace repairs.

1)    Age

The furnace can break down over time due to wear and tear. It is always a good idea to replace your furnace if it is very old. An old furnace will not only require more repair and maintenance but will also not heat your house properly. Over time the performance of furnaces decreases, and they cannot heat the house adequately.

As a result, the monthly energy bills are also high. Furnaces contain a heat exchanger, which is expensive to replace. Old furnaces lose their ability and efficiency over time, and no technician can make the old furnace work effectively.

A general rule to live by is never repair something whose repair cost is more than one-third of the average cost of a new furnace. If you have already repaired your furnace twice in the past three years, then it is time to get a new one.

2)    Increase in monthly energy bills

With use, the furnace’s air filters become clogged with dirt, which reduces the ability of the furnace to heat your house. As a result, the furnace uses more energy to heat the house to the same temperature as it did before. This leads to an increase in monthly energy bills. You can contact a technician who will easily clean the air filters and internal components.

3)    Inadequate heating

If you recently brought your furnace, but it’s not heating efficiently, then you should get it fixed. There are many reasons for inadequate heating, such as dirty filters and faulty thermostats. The furnace may also heat your house unevenly, turn on and fail to reach the set temperature. You can try to change the batteries, but you should contact a technician if that doesn’t work.

4)    Short cycling

Short cycling can occur due to many reasons, including an oversized furnace or if you turn your furnace on and off too frequently. After heating your house, the furnace will turn off because its sensors will detect increased temperature. However, if you notice short cycling in an old furnace, there might be a different cause. Short cycling reduces the lifespan of your heating system, so you should contact an expert technician to correct it.

5)    Noise

If your furnace makes unusual noises such as screeching sounds, squealing, and rattling, you need to get it repaired. An expert technician will diagnose the cause of the unusual sound. The parts of the furnace might have broken down or become loose. The squealing sounds may be due to loss of lubrication.

In a nutshell

You should look out for the signs mentioned above as they may be alerting you of great damage within the furnace. To avoid expensive repairs, it is a good practice to get your furnace checked up regularly.

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