Simple Author Box Review: Give credit to authors and keep them on your content team

Simple Author Box Review

At the end of most blog posts, there is often an infobox standing out. That infobox contains information about the author, or authors, of the post. That’s an author box.

Author boxes are used to give credit to the authors but also to enable readers to get more familiar with them. 

The benefit of using author boxes is that they give more credibility to your posts. Posts with known authors will always be more successful than some faceless content. 

Giving credit where it’s due also gives more motivation to your authors since they know they get some publicity for it as well. Using author boxes is overall just a great way to give more personality to your content. If you want to reap the benefits of using author boxes without too much work, Simple Author Box is the tool for you.

Simple Author Box

Adding a stylish author box without learning about coding is quite easy these days. Using WordPress plugins, adding new things to your website gets really easy.

Simple Author Box is exactly what the name suggests, a tool for creating a simple author box that you can fit into your website with no problems. It’s a WordPress plugin designed to enable its users to easily add stylish author boxes to their websites. 

Using the plugin isn’t complicated at all, and you can check out the documentation if you get stuck somewhere. With this plugin, author boxes can be stylized to your preference. 

It’s simple to use and has all of the options you need. Some of the options included in this plugin are being able to add guest authors to your posts, having author boxes on specific post types, and being able to use an easy-to-use tool for designing your author box.

Another benefit to this plugin is just how simple it is to set it up, you just download the plugin, and you’re pretty much good to go. The pricing starts at $39/year, but you can get it in a one-lifetime purchase for $99.


Author boxes are one of those things that aren’t really a must, but they can always give even a slight boost to your website traffic. 

Using the right plugin, you can add them to perfectly fit your website. If you really want your website to be successful, there is just no reason not to add author boxes.

Simple Author Box is one of the best plugins for this task; with fair prices and all of the features you need to be included, it’s a great catch.

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