Six Easy and Cute Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

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Christmas can mean many different things to people, but one of the truest and sweetest meanings of Christmas is that it’s a time of giving. There’s nothing that says Christmas like finding the perfect present for your loved ones (and receiving those presents, too).

But the perfect present isn’t just about what’s inside. The best gifts are those that are as wonderful on the outside as the contents they hold within. Luckily, there are a lot of fun and easy gift wrapping ideas that you can practice over the holidays to show how much you care for the recipient. With just a few minutes and a little creativity, you can dazzle your giftees with your amazing gift decoration skills.

1. Personalized Photo Gift Tags

Add a lovely personal touch to your presents by using photographs as gift tags. You can choose random aesthetic images, pictures of places or things that remind you of them, perhaps an image that hints at the surprise inside the package, or a cute photo of you and the giftee together.

If you’re looking for parent gift ideas for Christmas, here’s a fun and thoughtful twist on the photo gift tag you can do. One of the best presents you can give to your mom or dad is a restoration of one of their favorite childhood photos. For the accompanying gift tag, you can make a hilarious recreation of the restored image within.

Not only will you give them a present that will preserve old memories, but you can also give them a funny keepsake tag that links those memories with the family’s next generation.

2. Puzzle Wrapping

Add another layer of mystery to your gifts by wrapping them in your giftee’s puzzle of choice. Print out word hunts, sudoku, or trivia games for a cute and interactive package. This is an especially great way to prepare gifts for kids. While waiting for their turn to unwrap their presents, they’ll have a fun activity to occupy their attention and prevent them from getting too fussy.

For older giftees, you can also use these puzzle wrappers as a way of sharing inside jokes or memories with each other. You can personalize the puzzle to the recipient. Create a word hunt referencing experiences the two of you have shared or make a ‘find the hidden picture’ wrapper where they’ll need to search for things that remind you of them.

3. Sweet Treats

For the pragmatic at heart, all the bells and whistles that come with present decor may seem impractical. Why bother when it’s just going to be ripped off anyway? But pretty gift wrapping can also have other uses. Skip the fancy bows and try this trick instead: add some candy to your present.

Adorn your gift with a gingerbread man or candy cane tied outside the wrapping. Alternatively, you can use candies as a delicious substitute for packing peanuts to cushion a fragile gift. This way your decoration doesn’t go to waste and end up in the bin – you’ll give your giftee a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.

4. Foraged Finds

We all want our presents to look pretty, but our finances take a massive hit during the holidays. Shelling out additional cash for ribbons and glitter just isn’t feasible for all of us.

If you need a budget-friendly and easy way to spruce up your gifts, your backyard could be a treasure trove. Pressed leaves or flowers, pine needles, pinecones, and tree clippings make lovely seasonal accents. Use them with brown craft paper and twine for some rustic charm.

For people with green thumbs, you can also snag some homegrown herbs and blossoms from your garden. These floral accents will help you deliver a gift that not only looks great but also smells wonderful. To go the extra mile, look up the flower language of your decorations and tell your recipient all about it as you hand over their gift.

5. Repurposed Sheet Music

Whether it’s you or your giftee who’s a music aficionado, wrapping presents in sheet music can look classy and have layers of meaning. In keeping with the holiday spirit, you can wrap the gift in classic Christmas carols. For a romantic partner, you can pick your couple’s theme song or the song you had your first dance to at your wedding. To show someone that you care about their interests, you can also use sheet music of their favorite tune, whether it’s their go-to karaoke song or their most-played music on streaming sites.

For a music-within-music present, you can gift someone a music box and wrap it in the sheet music for the song that the music box plays. If your recipient is an aspiring musician, you can also give them an instrument and wrap it in some easy tunes for them to learn.

6. Cloth Wrappings

Save the trees by skipping on paper gift wrapping. Instead, you can bundle your present in reusable cloth material. Take some inspiration from Japanese bento boxes, which are wrapped in cloth called furoshiki, and make a cute and eco-friendly package for your giftee.

Hit up your nearest dollar store or secondhand shop and grab some handkerchiefs, napkins, or scarves in your recipient’s favorite colors or in the funkiest patterns you can find. You can also add some reusable embellishments by finishing off the cloth wrappings with a sparkly brooch or a quirky statement pin to add some extra pizzazz to your present.


To wrap it up (pun intended), there are many unique and creative ways for you to up your gift wrapping game. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also very simple and can be done by people who aren’t particularly good at arts and crafts.

Try any of these easy present decoration ideas and show your giftees how much you care by delivering them a gift that shows that you put thought into it, both inside and out.

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