Smoking and Fire Safety

Smoking and Fire Safety

Smoking is widely discouraged because of it’s damages to health and environment, though it is still popular among people all over the world. These smokes contain nicotine, which gives immediate sense of relaxation for which people who smoke, think that it reduces their stress and anxiety. This nicotine is highly addictive and if someone starts smoking, its hard for them to come back from it.

Needless to say, smoking causes fatal disease and also some mental issues. But another prime danger of smoking is, it causes numerous fire accidents. Even smoking is one of the leading cause of fires in many countries. Several researchers have found that, cigarettes along with other smoking products cause a third of all accidental fire fatalities in home and for that, smoking indoors is discouraged the most.

Smoking inside house can cause many sudden fire accidents. If the cigarette butt is not properly extinguished and tossed away without being sure that it is not lit, then it can cause fires. It happens because of the unawareness of people. The smoke also contains flammable properties. That is why, using fire or smoke detecting alarm in houses is highly preferred. These alarms can warn us about the smoke and fire caused by cigarettes and other.

Smoke detectors can also be used in non smoking zones. Smoke detectors are of two types and photoelectric smoke detector is one of the two that detects the smoke produced by smoldering fires emitting relatively large smoke particles. So this type of smoke detector can be useful in detecting smoke.

Smoke detectors are really necessary in houses to prevent fire accidents. And as a matter of fact that, these smoke alarms can also detect cigarette smoke, smoking inside should not be a right thing. Because it can cause the detectors to set off and send many fake alarms witch is disturbing. Though it may not always detect it if the amount of smoke is too less.

Indoor or outdoor, smoking can cause any accident if people are ignorant of the facts. It is indeed a bad habit. People should start saying no to cigarettes for their own good as well as for the safety of environment and surroundings.

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