Smoking Shisha: The Basics Explained

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Smoking shisha is a common tradition in many countries. You might have heard it called nargila, or a water pipe. All of these refer to the same thing, which can be a great way to pass the time.

But, how do you bring shisha smoking into your own life? Check out this guide to smoking shisha.

Have The Right Equipment

First, you’ll need the right equipment to smoke shisha properly. You’ll need a shisha pipe, of course. You’ll need to have coals on hand in order to light the pipe. Tinfoil will help you protect the shisha from the coal, so that you’ll be able to smoke it successfully.

Buy large tweezers to help you move the coals around once they’re too hot to touch. And, of course, you’ll need shisha in order to smoke up.

Get Set Up

Next, you’ll need to properly set up your hookah pipe to start smoking shisha. Start off by assembling the different parts of the hookah together: these include the hose, the stem, and the base of the hookah.

Fill the water tank of the pipe up with water. Then, you can fill the bowl up with shisha. Be extremely careful not to overfill the bowl, since you don’t want to be wasteful. Add the coal to the plate, and light it until you can see the embers. You’ll then need to give the shisha a little bit of time to warm up, before you start smoking.

Make sure you’re all set up for what happens after you’re done smoking, too. Be sure to carefully clean out your hookah pipe after every use, to prevent damage to the pipe or to your health. If you plan to smoke with others, ensure that you have spare mouthpieces so that everyone can use their own. And, never share a pipe if you’re experiencing any symptoms of illness. You don’t want to spread anything around.

Know What To Do

There are certain things you should keep in mind before you start smoking shisha. You should never smoke shisha on an empty stomach, since it can make you sick. Smoking shisha isn’t like smoking cannabis — you don’t need to inhale deeply. Take smaller, lighter breaths. And, chill out. smoking shisha is supposed to be a slow, relaxed activity, not a rush. The relaxation process is one of the top benefits of shisha.

You should also know that you may have to reheat your coals or add more, depending on how long you spend smoking shisha at a time.

There are also lots of different shisha flavors out there you can try, so make sure you sample a wide variety of options.

Smoking Shisha: Try It Out

Now that you have some information about smoking shisha, why not give it a try? Just make sure you always smoke in moderation.

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