Snack Packing Guide: 5 Ways To Improve Your Packaging

Snack Packing Guide: 5 Ways To Improve Your Packaging

Is your packaging selling your product or getting in the way of sales? With thousands of products lining the shelves of local grocery stores and crowding online stores, it’s more important than ever to have clear, iconic snack packaging. Explore the main types of packaging and five key ways to improve your snack package design to shake up your marketing.

What Are Different Types of Packaging?

Packaging for snacks can be organized by material and design. One of the most common flexible container materials is post-consumer plastic, but rigid containers come in plastic, cardboard, glass and other materials. If you’re consider a new package type for your snack product, here are some popular options:

Choose one of these packaging types for a modern way to show off your products. These options balance safety, style, affordability and environmental responsibility. Compostable boxes are an eco-friendly option, but they can be more expensive than flexible alternatives.

1. Brand Recognition

Quality snack packaging is immediately recognizable. A crowded snack aisle makes it particularly difficult to draw attention to your product. You need to make an immediate impression on your customers, communicate the main ingredients and share the benefits of your product.

2. Child-Safe Packaging

A common feature of snack packaging is a child-safe opening. Many snacks are choking hazards for small children, so a box, bottle or pouch shouldn’t be able to be opened easily by a child. Of course, consumers still want it to be reasonably easy to open, so you need to balance safety and convenience in your choice of package opening.

3. Eco-Friendly Materials

Reduce the emissions and waste created by your packaging by choosing post-consumer recycled plastic. You can also limit the amount of materials used in creating your snack packing by using flexible options and ordering small runs of pouches. Lightweight packaging also cuts down on emissions during transportation.

4. Interactive Packaging

One way to make your product stand out is to make it interactive. Enhance customer engagement with a QR code on your snack package. These innovative codes can link to ingredients, advertising materials or discounts on other orders. Promote cross-sales and up-selling with the right QR code material.

5. Affordable Manufacturing

All of these improvements won’t help your company if they significantly increase the cost of your packaging. Your bottom line is important, so any update to your manufacturing process should include reduced costs. Some eco-friendly custom packaging can be iconic, but they aren’t as affordable as flexible solutions.

Consider flexible packaging for low-cost convenience. A leading manufacturer can create these items with less plastic, faster lead times and lower shipping costs. You don’t need to pass the cost of updated advertising or eco-friendly materials on to your customers.

Update Your Snack Packing

From a few promotional items to your entire snack line, consider trying out flexible packaging today. Discuss your packing needs with a leading manufacturer to rethink the way you market and deliver your snacks. Launch a new product line today with affordable packaging and eco-friendly solutions.

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