Sober Programs: What Are They and What Can You Expect?

Sober Programs: What Are They and What Can You Expect?

If you struggle with alcohol abuse or drug addiction, making the decision to try sober living is a huge step towards a better life. However, it’s also a challenging one.

Luckily, there are programs and services that can help you. Keep reading our guide to the best sober programs that can make over-consuming alcohol or drugs part of your past.

  1. Residential Rehab Center

The first step to quitting alcohol or drugs is to detox from them. This can be a mentally and physically difficult time, so many people choose to do it at a residential rehab center.

When you go this route, you have a medical professional that oversees your detox. They can warn you of the bodily challenges to come and help you through them.

You will also be surrounded by a community of people going through the same thing, which improves your chances of sticking with the detox.

  1. Sober Living Homes

If you feel like you need a completely new environment to help you stay sober, a sober living home may be the right option for you. They are a place you can stay during your first few months of being sober.

Many people find that a sober living home is a helpful transition from a rehab program back into the real world. You are surrounded by others in a similar life stage as you, so you have the encouragement and accountability you need to remain sober.

Plus, a sober living program can give you the tools you need to avoid falling into old habits when you go back to your regular life. Most sober living homes have chore requirements, so can also benefit from the structure it adds to your life.

  1. Therapy or Family Counseling

Once you are back in your normal routines, it may be hard to maintain your sobriety. Working with a licensed therapist can help you identify the triggers that make you want to drink or abuse drugs. They can also help you build healthy responses to your triggers so you can overcome them.

If your alcohol or drug abuse has affected your family life, family counseling is a way to seek healing and restoration. In your sessions, everyone will have a chance to talk about how your addiction affected them. Hearing their stories will give you great motivation to stay sober for the sake of your family.

  1. Alcoholic or Narcotic Anonymous Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) originally popularized the 12-steps program to get sober. Today, you can find an AA or NA group near you where you can openly share your struggles with other members.

Through the 12-steps program, you can also find a sponsor to help you on your sober living journey.

Finding the Right Treatment For You

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to getting free from alcohol or drug addiction. Determining the right treatment for you depends on the severity of your addiction, insurance coverage, and your support system.

No matter what sober program you try, you are on the path to a new life. For more sober living resources, check out our other blogs.

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