Stand Out: 6 Unusual Eye Makeup Ideas

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Want to try some new eye makeup looks? Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

It can be super fun to experiment with makeup, especially eyeshadows and eyeliner. But what eye makeup will pop and look good at the same time? This guide has the answer.

Keep reading to learn 6 eye makeup ideas you need to try.

1. Floating Eyeliner  

This look brings the drama! So grab your favorite liquid liner and get ready to slay.

To do floating liner, apply liquid liner on your upper lash line and do a classic wing. Then, bring the eyeliner up and draw a line across your entire crease.

This requires a steady hand, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries.

2. The Smoke Show 

This one is also known as the smokey eye.

To do this, start by applying a mid-tone shadow to your lid. Then, apply a dark eyeliner to your upper lash line. Finally, layer a dark tone shadow over the eyeliner and blend halfway up the lid.

And when you wear this smokey eye look, you’ll definitely feel like a smoke show!

3. Two-Toned Eyeshadow

Can’t choose between two shadows? Use them both!

Take a look at your palettes and choose two complementary shadow colors like purple and blue. Put one shade on your lid and bring the other underneath your eye. Then, finish with some liquid liner and false eyelashes for extra drama.

4. Reverse Eyeliner 

For a unique eye look, try doing reverse eyeliner.

To do this look, only apply eyeliner to the lower lash line. The upper lash line should be eyeliner-free. After that, apply whatever eyeshadow you like on your lid.

Pro tip: if the reverse isn’t for you, do a complete liner look by applying it on the upper lash line, lower lash line, and inner corners of your eye.

5. Stars in Your Eyes 

Okay, the stars are actually on your eyes, but you get the idea.

To do this look, start by applying natural eye makeup like a brown shadow and eyeliner. Then, choose your favorite makeup glitter stars and apply them to the lid. After that, finish with black mascara!

6. One Bright Shadow

If you’re a fan of super bold shadows, this look is for you.

Start by picking your loudest shadow like yellow, neon green, or bright pink. Then, apply it generously all over the lid (and embrace the pigment)! Finish by applying eyeliner and mascara.

Pro tip: if your eyelashes are feeling brittle, apply a lash conditioner such as RevitaLash to keep them healthy.

Try Some of These Eye Makeup Ideas  

All of these eye makeup ideas are great in their own way. So whether you apply floating liner or a bright shadow, your eyes are sure to pop in the best way possible. Now apply some makeup and own your new look!

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