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Stay Away from These 8 Decor Elements to Create a Perfect Home

Stay Away from These 8 Decor Elements to Create a Perfect Home

Interior designers are always looking for tips and ideas to help make their clients’ homes look perfect. One way they do this is by advising them on what not to use when decorating. When it’s time to interior design, there are many options out there; from throw pillows to curtains, every little detail counts when it comes to making your home feel like yours. However, before you buy everything on your wish list, be sure to avoid these three decor elements that will make your space look outstanding and marvelous!

Synthetic Material

One of the most common elements not admired by the experts in the design industry is a synthetic material. From plastic to foam, these materials are often used when designing because they are cheaper and easier on your schedule; but what people do not know is that this type of decor can make a space look cheap. Save yourself from embarrassment by avoiding pieces made out of faux wood or vinyl flooring! Avoid all the synthetic material chobi rugs, couches, or furniture.

Fabric Wallpaper

Wallpapers add some character and liveliness to your space, but when picking out wallpaper for the interior of your home, be careful not to pick something too busy. It is much better if it has understated patterns with muted colors to distract from other features in the room. Some people are drawn to wallpaper with bold patterns because it makes a statement and brightens up their space, but they can make your living quarters feel tight when you have busy patterned wallpapers. Stick to simpler styles like stripes or geometric designs that will not interfere with floor plans too much!

Faux Flowers

Flowers make a simple place look more homey and welcoming, but what about those who cannot afford to buy or grow real flowers? It is not always the best idea to have faux flowers in your living room because they will not last as long. The colors on them will fade faster than if you had a bouquet of fresh ones on your coffee table; plus, it is not very environmentally friendly to keep buying replacements.

Harsh Lights

Everyone knows the importance of lights and how they can make or break a room, but it is easy to overlook just how harsh your lighting is when you’re working with that perfect shade of soft yellow. When possible, use indirect light and lamps rather than overhead lights so the space does not feel too cramped. Harsh lights are among the top things to avoid while decorating a house. Lighting is one of the most important elements in a room, but it is easy to overlook just how harsh your lighting is when you’re working with that perfect shade of soft yellow. When possible, use indirect light and lamps rather than overhead lights, so the space does not feel too cramped.

Wooden Furniture

While wooden furniture has become famous for its rustic look, it’s not always the best choice for those with small children. Furniture in a child’s room should be tough and durable to withstand any wear and tear that comes its way. Wooden furniture is one of those items which can look beautiful but is not always practical given kids’ tendency to scratch or break things when they climb on them.

Mason Jars

The most popular trend on Pinterest nowadays is the mason jars. However, experts say that this is not the best trend for creating a cozy and inviting home. The jars are trendy because they come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, but experts say that most of them have too much going on at once, and it can make your space feel over-filled with accessories or items you don’t need.

Cream and White Colors

Many people will tell you that bright colors are the best way to make your home feel more vibrant, but experts recommend staying away from cream or white shades for this reason as well. The color could be too dull if it’s not done correctly, which can have an empty feeling in a space where you want to feel cozy and comfortable.

Wrong Size Rugs

One of the leading causes of discomfort in a room is too much warmth, which can come from a rug that’s too big for the space. If it extends out to cover your feet and keeps you insulated when they are on top of it, then it’s probably not suitable for the area. People often put down an oversized rug with a high pile or shag, which may feel soft but traps heat. Rugs that are the wrong size can also cause problems with stability because they don’t have adequate weight and support for their width, so they are more likely to shake or slip out of place. Going smaller might reduce these potential issues, as well as keep you from being too hot in a room. For a classy and statement style, adding ziegler rugs from Turkey and other artisanal cultures add color, texture, and personality to your home.

Beaded Curtains

The nightmare of a designer is to come across a client who wants beaded curtains. These are the most “uncool” items in interior design, and for a good reason—they’re often too heavy and outdated-feeling that they could work on lamps or chandeliers but not with windows.

Brick Walls

Installing brick walls without proper materials can lead to a disaster. Not only does it change the look of your home from contemporary to rustic, but brick is also hard on both furniture and paint because its rough surface scratches easily.

Faux Leather Sectionals

While faux leather sectional sofas have become popular in recent years, they are anything but cool or modern for most designers due to their bulkiness and dated look.

Heavy Drapery Panels

If you want to darken your living room during the day, heavy curtains provide more insulation than sheer panels that filter light in through windows or doors. However, if not installed correctly, these drapes can be overwhelming with color when closed and create an uninviting atmosphere when opened.

Fancy Pendant Lamps

Designers are not fans of fancy pendant lamps because they can be too difficult to install and also don’t produce enough light for reading or other tasks at night, which is why most people use them in the kitchen where there’s little natural daylighting coming through windows.

In the End

As you think about what elements to include in your home, consider the effects they can have on your mood. If you want a relaxing space, do not fill it with clutter. Keep everything clean and organized so that nothing is distracting or overwhelming for your mind. At RugKnots, we offer many different styles of Pakistani rugs to help create an inviting atmosphere in any room of the house, from cozy wool carpets perfect for winter nights by the fireplace to beautiful area rugs that will make every day feel like summertime vacation at sea! Browse our selection today and find one thing (or two!) that’s just right for you.

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