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Steps To Use Wax Melts

Steps To Use Wax Melts

You’re hardly unusual if you do not even know what wax melts are because they are relatively new on the market for home scents. Continue reading to learn more about wax melts and how to utilize them. In simplest terms, wax melts, commonly referred to as wax tarts, are flameless candles. They typically appear in squares that resemble candy bars; the aroma can be released from them by breaking them into cubes and melting them.

Candles VS. Wax Melts

What, therefore, are the main distinctions between burning candles and utilizing perfumed wax melts? The biggest distinction is in how these appear and are used. Candles can be left burning for three to five hours before being extinguished. Conversely, wax melts must be gradually liquefied using a wax melt heater, commonly referred to as a wax burner. There are two types of these: electric and tea light burners.

Wax melts’ primary advantage is that they are usually safer for using. A bare flame cannot be seen on an electric burner, and also most tea candles go out on their own after hours.

Application Of Wax Melts

Wax melts are fairly simple to use once you get the hang of them, despite not being quite as simple to use as candles.

Choose Your Wax Melt

There are many multiple kinds of wax melts available for selection. In contrast to most wax melts, which use both paraffin and soy wax, you only employ rapeseed and coconut wax to create an opulent, environmentally friendly touch.

Place Your Burner’s Wax Melt.

You normally will only require 1-2 wax squares or tarts, based on the size of the wax melts. It is advised to utilize just one cube when using the wax melts. Put the wax melt in the wax burner’s plate by gently popping it in.

Start the Burner.

There ought to be a toggle or slider to switch on an electric heater if you’re using one. Then ignite your tea light and insert it into the corresponding hole beneath the dish when using a tea light warmer. Watch for our upcoming line of environmentally friendly tea candles!

You might need to change your tea light because, as was previously said, it should burn out after four hours. If your electric warmer does not already have a timer built in, we advise buying one so you won’t forget to switch it off. You can easily let the wax set and re-burn it later if you only plan to burn your wax melt for an hour or two.

Clear Out the Wax

It is indeed time to replace your wax melt if you’ve burned your wax melt and are wondering “why doesn’t this smell anymore though?” You may be suffering from nose blindness, or more probably, it’s burnt out and you need a new wax melt. So how does one clean out a wax burner? Ensure your burner is cold first.

There are a few ways you can empty your burner after that. Some individuals prefer to burn the wax for a short time to turn it into liquid, then soak it up with cotton balls and throw it away. When your wax burner is running, the wax will begin to gradually melt and create a lovely aroma. Our wax melts include a cube that burns for roughly 8 hours.

Everyone else will switch on the burner for a little period till the wax has somewhat melted, scrape it out, and throw it in the trash. Use reusable popper wrappers as an option. For a less messy method, place a lining in the burner dish, add your wax melt, and then just pop the solidified wax back out when you’re done. Once the wax has been cleaned, tidy the burner plate with a towel or a moist cloth.


Using a wax melt is a great way to give a retouch to your home while entertaining guests or even when you want some relaxing time. Follow the above-mentioned steps and congrats then! You are now an expert in wax melts. Get melting now!

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