Structure of Academic Writing

What makes some people score lower and higher than others on assignments, research papers, or homework? You might notice that even if two individuals rely on similar sources to write an essay, they rarely attain the same grade. In this case, what could be an underlying rationale? You are more likely to consider writing enjoyable if you understand the mechanics of developing introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Besides having these skills, knowing how to format a paper in APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago, among other styles, properly is requisite in attaining higher grades.

The Basic Structure of Essay Writing

Have a perfect introduction

Should you start answering the question(s) in this section? Ideally, the introduction should provide background information on the topic. You can consider statistics about the issue in general. For instance, what information can you include on a topic; risk factors of obesity? In this case, a person can write about the incidence, morbidity and mortality rate, and ethnic group at high risk of developing the diseases. Even with this information, the following components must be present for the introduction to be complete and perfect:

  • Essay hook. Without this sentence(s), a person might be reluctant to read your paper. Therefore, start your introduction with a hook that attracts the audience’s attention. You might have different ways of writing this sentence(s), but it would be best if you begin with a meaningful quote, little-known facts, or a question. For instance, regarding the topic of the risk factors of obesity would be, despite the global and national efforts to reduce worsening obesity epidemics, pertinent stakeholders should understand the cause of overweight in individuals from low, middle, and high socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Thesis statement. Your introduction should end with a sentence or two describing the position or argument of your essay. You should not confuse the thesis statement with the purpose statement. In the simplest words, the former answers the questions, whereas the latter provides the direction of the essay. Examples of these statements considering the risk factors of obesity include. Even though evidence-based findings link the inheritance of obesity genes to the development of this disease, a sedentary lifestyle and consumption of food with high calories contribute to a significant proportion of overweight among people.
  • Purpose statement. This paper aims to discuss the risk factors of obesity in people. From the two statements, a person can understand the position of the paper after reading the thesis statement.

Develop body paragraphs

After reading the guideline for writing a perfect introduction, you might find it challenging, especially if it is your first time or you are striving to deliver an excellent college essay. You might require a mentor and expert to help you realize your inherent potential. So, where can you find a professional with experience and skills in the structure of writing an essay?

It would be best if you never worried about this challenge with the availability of 24/7 assistance from academic writing services similar to CustomWritings.This online custom essay service understands the intricacies and dynamics of composing and developing body paragraphs. Firstly, the quality writers of this company neither start nor end this section with citations. In particular, they begin with a topic sentence that introduces the reader to the main idea of the paragraph. The next step would be providing scholarly evidence. The good thing about this website is that you can request the expert to rely only on USA or UK sources. After the evidence, the writer would challenge, analyze, or synthesize the information to answer the question. This part is important because it demonstrates the in-depth knowledge of the company’s experts. The last part would be a concluding sentence that might connect the discussed idea to the subsequent paragraph. As a customer, you should consider this cheap, professional help to understand how to write an essay from scratch to score high grades.

Write a conclusion

How do you write this section? Most people would say they restate the topic sentences or just summarize the entire paper. Do you think it is an appropriate way of writing a perfect conclusion? The best approach should be to reflect the argument of the entire paper. In other words, you should harmonize your points by recognizing major factors or interrelationships of pieces of evidence. Never forget to provide an afterthought but be keen not to introduce the new information.

Finish with an abstract

Although uncommon, some professors might obligate you to write this section, especially if you have written a long paper. Usually, the abstract should contain a precise summary of your paper. Writing this section will be easier than you think if you know how to write the abstract. It is normally 100 to 150 words, but some instructors might require more.

The Specific Structure of Academic Essay Writing

Despite knowing the basic component of an essay, you must understand the particulars of developing any text and sentence. With this knowledge, the tone of your paper would be formal and academic. Therefore, the section shows the structure of any academic writing.

Incorporating sentence variety in a paragraph

Even if you consider all elements of developing an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraph, it would be monotonous to read if you use the same sentence structure in succession, specifically thrice. In this case, what should you do? Consider using the following types of modifiers to have different sentence structures:

  • Adverbial phrase – Before cleaning the house, I prepared breakfast
  • Single-word modifiers – Ultimately, I ordered a paper from a legit essay service

Use third person

All your academic essays should be in the third person. However, you might write in the first person if it is a reflection on a book, your life, or personal experience. Ideally, it would be best if you refrained from using I, me, you, and yours, among others.

Write in active voice

What could be the reason for this aspect being one of the conventions in academic writing? Usually, it allows you to develop a complete sentence comprising a subject (nouns and pronouns) and verb. In this case, you should ensure that a subject comes before a verb, not vice versa. This style also makes it easier for the reader to understand your essay.

Use formal words

The structure of academic writing also considers the choice of vocabulary. In particular, it should use words, which mean exactly what you are communicating. For instance, using grow as a synonym for increase makes your English less appealing. It would be best if you understand the primary meaning of a vocabulary before considering it to be an alternative when eliminating repetitions in your essay.

Overall, writing academic essays tends to be challenging. You need a person or solution to achieve your education goals. In this case, it will be best to rely on legal and legit online help for sample work and writing.

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