Symbol of Love: Common Gemstones Fit for Couples in Love

Common Gemstones Fit for Couples in Love

Couples often give jewelry pieces to each other to prove their love. But because this practice is so common, it may feel bland and meaningless when you and your partner do it, too. To keep the sparks in your relationship alive, don’t just focus on the jewelry itself. Instead, pay attention to the gemstone you’re choosing.

In Astrology, gemstones are believed to have energies that can affect luck, health, and of course, relationships. While you don’t have to believe in it, giving your partner a particular gemstone with its meaning in mind can make the gesture extra sweet. It shows how well you know your partner and the future you want to envision for them or your relationship.

As gemstones are a signature piece in engagement rings, giving any jewelry to your partner with a gemstone on it can also prove your devotion and commitment. If you want to be unique, you can also have your stunning wedding bands set with a particular gemstone. It would add more life to the otherwise plain wedding band and perhaps a stronger sentimental value.

That said, here are the common gemstones of love and how they affect your life:

  1. Diamond

First, let’s talk about the classic diamond and find out why they’re the most popular gemstone for couples. As you undoubtedly know, diamond is the strongest mineral on earth. It takes millions, sometimes billions, of years to produce it. Diamond achieves its crystalline appearance after undergoing heat and pressure. That’s why it symbolizes everlasting and enduring love.

A piece of diamond jewelry is often seen as an investment or, in this context, a proposal gift. But even if you don’t plan on proposing yet, you can gift your significant other with diamond jewelry. The stone is believed to evoke feelings, as it enhances the properties of Venus, according to Vedic and western astrology. It’s also said to be a gemstone of money, which makes sense, considering the value of diamonds extracted from the earth (not lab-made ones).

And like gemstones such as jade, emerald, and rose quartz, diamond also has spiritual benefits. It can provoke a feeling of divine bliss and encourage the wearer to face life’s uncertainties boldly. Considering that, you can give diamond jewelry to a partner who’s losing courage because of a personal challenge. The stone may provide them with a sense of empowerment and a fresher perspective.

  1. Emerald

Emerald’s dazzling green hue makes it an attractive alternative to the pricey diamond. But it isn’t as tough, so the wearer must take extra care to avoid scratching or chipping it. Still, emerald should stay in top shape if the wearer won’t handle it roughly.

If your significant other were born in May, they’d appreciate emerald because it is their birthstone. Wearing your birthstone doesn’t have any scientific benefit, but it may feed you with more positive energy. Your birthstone enhances your energy level and makes you more connected to the environment.

The emerald stone, in particular, is believed to enhance contentment and the power to perceive things that you won’t usually sense. In Astrology, emerald is believed to be connected to Mercury, the planet of communication. Also, Mercury is the connoisseur of love and relationship so that the stone can restore warmth and affection in your love life. If you and your partner have been dating for a while and the sparks are dimming, perhaps an emerald ring will bring them back.

Interesting trivia: people who are cheated on will supposedly resolve their legal disputes with their exes if they wore emerald jewelry. So emerald is also a befitting gift for a friend who just got divorced or separated from an unfaithful partner.

  1. Aquamarine

Another birthstone on this list, aquamarine is for March babies. Its light blue hue makes it another popular alternative to a diamond engagement ring. What’s more, it makes your significant other’s engagement ring her “something blue” during your wedding day.

Like emerald, aquamarine isn’t the toughest gemstone, so it must be handled with care. It — and emerald — should be stored separately from other gemstones like sapphire and diamond since they can scratch aquamarine’s delicate surface.

For a better investment, choose natural aquamarine, meaning the type that hasn’t been treated. It would be more expensive but would shine brighter than the treated type.

Aside from March babies, people who tend to have a lot of negative thoughts or anxiety will benefit from aquamarine. The stone is believed to shield your aura and protect you from negative vibrations. It will also let you tune in to your emotions and reduce your mood swings.

Whether you believe in symbolism or not, you can’t deny that these stones make stunning promise rings or engagement rings. They’ll also look brilliant as earrings or necklaces. So consider them as your next anniversary present.

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