Table Tennis as Underestimated Kind of Sports

Cricket and football are two sports that are popular in India. It is almost impossible to get into an Indian sports circle for many years without hearing discussions relating to cricket. However, in recent times, we have seen the introduction and appreciation of many other sports into the space, one of which is table tennis.

India has won many medals in table tennis sports at the Asian Games, also known as “mini-Olympics.” One could say the sport is one of the most popular; and for those who have done well, we can say their table tennis prediction is on point. You can find table tennis in schools, recreational centers, backyards, and fields everywhere; it is popular. It is especially popular among bettors who understand the dynamics and importance of the game.

However, table tennis’s popularity is one of the reasons it isn’t seen as a real sport. Table tennis is perhaps the most overlooked, underrated sport in India and the world.

The misconception and popularity of table tennis

This myth among many is that table tennis doesn’t require real athleticism; anyone can pick up a racquet and pass the ball. But, they cannot be more wrong, since table tennis is technical and a hard sport to master. The game’s wide-scale popularity has led many to believe that it is a recreational sport in India and worldwide.

Only a few people see table tennis as a competitive sport that can earn them some money or recognition. Surprisingly, it is not only a fun game, but it is rewarding, even for bettors.

A table tennis expert describes the game as the fastest indoor stop requiring fast hand-eye coordination and real physical prowess. Of all indoor sports players, table tennis players are the fittest.

Absence of the much-needed visual content

Sports like football, tennis, and other sports requiring a ball is more visually appealing to their audience. But, spectators often cannot adequately judge what is going on due to poor viewing angles. Tennis rallies are typically fast such that the game is over before viewers have had the chance to develop interest.

However, in a tennis game, ball tracking and replays confirm the trajectory of each stroke of the racket. Besides that, replays and tracking also show at what range the ball missed the line; they make much difference to spectators.

Is table tennis a complicated sport?

As we stated earlier, the table tennis game comes with many rules and techniques, making it a complicated sport. Professionals will typically combine all the spins and techniques when serving to make a goal. However, to the inexperienced eye, the ball is slowly moving and may or may not spin.

Only a tennis enthusiast and player can truly understand what’s happening on a tennis court. Inexperienced and uninterested spectators cannot figure out the complexity and on-screen drama of the game, making tennis appear dull.

Does the tennis ball move too quickly?

In a typical tennis rally, it normally takes about one full second for the ball to move from one player to another. This is enough time for spectators to feel the heat in the rally – or it should be at least. However, the ball moves much faster in table tennis. For instance, the ball may have moved back and forth two to three times in that one second.

For someone who rarely watches table tennis tournaments, the ball sprints; the whole movement happens in the blink of an eye. More serious players and enthusiasts who watch the game more often will follow the action easily.

Shorter tennis rallies

Rallies have become too short, especially for an attacking game like table tennis. In a typical third-ball attack, a player does a difficult serve to make an opponent misread and make a lousy return. It is a strategy one should utilize as often as possible for the player on the field. But this kind of service appears in far-too-short rallies for spectators on the stand.

In an attacking game like tennis, a rally typically lasts six seconds; it is low but enough time for the general public to enjoy the game.


Although tennis offers many benefits, it is the most underestimated sport in India and the world. The sport doesn’t get enough exposure, and it should. But, we do believe there’ll be some enhancement in the game soon, thanks to technological advancements.

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